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No One In The World Provides Better Business Growth LinkedIn Training Than FBI Consultancy.
We Will Convert Your Employees Into Proactive 'New Business Winning' Specialists

Do you want to know how to convert your work-force into business winning assets? FBI Consultancy have developed 24 different ‘mission specific’ business growth strategies that can be delivered through our LinkedIn training & continuous professional development. You need FBI LinkedIn training.

Are you struggling to master profitable business growth? Do your sales & marketing teams understand the 24 different strategies you can incorporate to accelerate your profitable business growth? Are your sales & marketing teams underperforming? You need FBI LinkedIn training.
Do you have any idea how much our world-class business growth related LinkedIn training can empower your work-force? Want to know how our professional LinkedIn training can propel your sales & marketing teams to outperform your competitors? You need FBI LinkedIn training.

Here’s Why Your Business Needs LinkedIn Training

1.  Because your staff don’t know how to gain commercial success for your business from LinkedIn

2.  Because it could be the lowest cost sales & marketing Investment your business can ever make

3.  To learn how to identify new profitable business opportunities

4.  To leverage new revenue streams that you are currently missing out on

5.  To commercialise the world’s largest & most professional business to business network

6.  To pre-programme your sales staff to smash their sales targets

7.  To get a jump on your business competitors

8.  To provide your staff with Continuous Professional Development training

9.  To educate your human resource staff on how to recruit in a cost effective manner

10. To turbo-charge your business brand awareness & promotion into new markets

11. To professionalise you, your staff & your business

12. To ensure you maintain full control & legal compliance of your social media activities

13. Because everyone & everything you need to grow your business exists on LinkedIn

14. Because sales & marketing strategies that worked 5 years ago, simply don’t work today


Here’s What You’ll Get From Our LinkedIn Training

An up-skilled highly motivated work-force

More productive & efficient staff members

Re-energised sales, marketing & growth team members

An increase in new business leads & referrals

A cohesive business growth plan

An understanding of how to leverage communications & public relations for your business

A proactive plan for leveraging new business market identification

The skill sets to close down your cold-calling strategies

How to achieve profitable business growth

Full control of your business social media activities


Our LinkedIn Training Packages


We provide 5 different Professional LinkedIn Business Growth Training Programmes



They are all specifically designed for business owners and their general staff who have little if any LinkedIn business growth experience, right the way up to enhancing the LinkedIn skill-sets of the most advanced LinkedIn social media users in your work-force.

Our full emphasis is on educating and changing the mind-set of your work-force to understanding how to gain commercial success from Linkedin to enhance your profitable business growth.


01: In-House Residential LinkedIn Training:
For: Designed for business owners and staff who have little, if any LinkedIn business growth experience.

Venue: Your business headquarters. Or for up to 50 staff members at the FBI’S Merseyside UK - HQ.

Duration: 1 to 5 days depending on client’s  specific requirements.

Regions Serviced: UK & World-Wide.


02: C-level Executive One-On-One LinkedIn Training & Mentoring:

For: Specifically designed for business owners, C-Level Executives, Investors, Entrepreneurs & Managers looking to commercialise LinkedIn.

Venue: Your business headquarters. Or for up to 50 staff members at FBI’S Merseyside UK - HQ.

Duration: Initial 1 day with further refresher days depending on client’s specific requirements. Alternatively, we can break this service down into 2 hour sessions over a period of time.

Regions Serviced: UK & World-Wide.


03: LinkedIn SWAT Corporate On-Line Business Growth LinkedIn Training :

For: Business owners & company employees.

Venue: Delivered via 6 x electronic download modules to your individual staff members.

Duration: This is a comprehensive 12-month training programme delivered via 6 x download modules.

Business staff members and/or students can study at their own leisure and can complete the programme quicker than 12 months.

Regions Serviced: UK & World-Wide.


04: Mission Specific LinkedIn Training:

For:  Designed for Business sales & marketing representatives to have to make money on LinkedIn for their businesses.

Venue:  Your business headquarters, or a suitable venue chosen by the business owner.

Duration:  Initial 1 day. With on-going refresher training days if required by client.

Regions Serviced:  UK & World-Wide.


05: Special Business Event LinkedIn Training:

For: Businesses running leadership or motivational events. Our qualified LinkedIn expert will attend your event and deliver a 1 to 2 -hour motivational LinkedIn training session.

Venue: Your choosing.

Duration: Dependent on client’s specific requirements. Typically, 1 to 4 hours over a 1 to 2-day event.

Regions Serviced: UK & World-Wide.



We are Independent ‘LinkedIn Training Experts’ who are passionate about helping businesses educate their work-force to achieve commercial success from LinkedIn

We run accredited training programmes & provide LinkedIn train the trainer courses.

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Victoria SUN


Merchandising Manager at Canadian Tires



Ask any professional LinkedIn business networking specialist, & they will no doubt agree that Dr. Mark D. Yates is a ‘Lean Mean Business Growth Machine’. Add the fact that he is one of the most dynamic business growth specialist’s from over 530 million business contacts on LinkedIn, & you’ll recognise why he is so effective at growing client’s businesses. Mark is a business networking Goliath whose LinkedIn Training can fast track you & your business beyond the tipping point into profitable business growth.

Chris Balck


Strategic Account Manager, Mimeo.com



When it comes to networking at a professional level, Dr. Yates is at the top of the list. His advanced business Linkedin training and networking skills has helped many professionals connect with new organizations and people, helping build strong and productive networks. He is the best of the best!

FBI Mark Yates

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