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Management in business is all about taking charge and being a strong leader. Managers hold together a team and push the business forward with the goal of success. Someone who is responsible for controlling both the organisation and the staff should know certain things to ensure the business runs smoothly in the long-term.

Just like with business growth, a manager of a company should be consistent and robust. FBI Consultancy Ltd, who are LinkedIn experts, have a specialist team led by the managing director, Dr. Mark D. Yates.

There are 5 thing every manager should know, which can be easily missed since they hold so much responsibility. But these are important to remember if you’re to lead a team and a company at the same time.


1.      You Should Empower a Team

As a manager, you will oversee a team of employees. Each of them have their individual needs and personalities that it’s up to you to find a method of dealing with them all. Cultivate them into a team of efficient workers and make them productive and self-sufficient.

You should build an environment of trust from your team by giving them the responsibilities they need to progress. By empowering your staff and letting them know they are trusted, they’ll feel appreciated and they’ll choose to work more efficiently and productively.


2.      You Should Listen

Listening to your staff is very important because your staff will always have something to say. Whether that’s a personal issue or something regarding the job, you must have excellent listening skills in order to build that level of trust.

Listening to your staff will make them feel more comfortable in the working environment. They’ll feel appreciated and will be more likely to come to you to discuss things. Your employees are smart. Don’t underestimate them. They, too, have professional ideas, so it’ll benefit you and the company to listen.


3.      Ask Your Team For Help

As a manager, you don’t know everything. No one knows everything, and no one is perfect. A good manager asks for help. They should ask their own employees, who will have a vast amount of knowledge from working their position in the company, so utilise their skills and ask them.

You should never think you’re better than your own team. In order to garner trust and respect, treat your staff as trusted employees, and when something crops up which you don’t know the answer to, ask your team. Asking for their professional opinion will boost their confidence and make them feel appreciated in the job as well.


4.      Make Strong Decisions

A good manager makes strong decisions. Someone who hesitates and can’t make their mind up isn’t a very good leader. To manage a team, you must be able to take something, look at the pros and cons, and make a strong, informed decision.

That’s not to say every decision should be right. Making strong decisions is all about taking into account all the information you’ve got and deciding on the best course of action for your company and your employees. As long as you have the confidence to make that decision, you’re on your way to being a good manager.


5.      Be Clear in What You Want

Similar to strong decision-making, a good manager should be clear in what they want. Good managers help drive their employees’ potential, and they must be clear with any constructive feedback they give to allow them to learn.

Clear, concise communication is an excellent skill to hold in any business. Asking questions and having the understanding yourself, then being clear that others got the message too. If you want something, be clear in what it is you want so that you achieve it and the line of communication stays strong.


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Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, Managing Director of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

© Dr. Mark D. Yates | FBI Consultancy Ltd

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