What No One Tells You About LinkedIn

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There are so many benefits of using LinkedIn that many individuals and companies are using it to gain an advantage over their competition. The uses for business social media are incredibly valuable in business, and with LinkedIn having over 530 million members worldwide, it’s no wonder many professionals are choosing to leverage it.

The things people know about LinkedIn are so valuable they allow businesses to grow and make money. It’s true. It’s a proven business model by Dr. Mark D. Yates, the managing director of FBI Consultancy Ltd, who specialises in leveraging LinkedIn for large and small niche businesses.

But, not everyone will reveal their secrets. Here at FBI Consultancy Ltd, we’ve come up with 5 things no one tells you about LinkedIn, which you can use to your advantage.


1.      You Can Connect With People You Don’t Know

Making connections on LinkedIn is highly valuable and advantageous. The target for a strong, professional, well-connected profile is 500 connections. But what if you don’t know 500 people? What no one tells you is that you can connect with people you don’t know.

In the past it’s been frowned upon, but not anymore. Imagine if you were at a business event and you chose not to introduce yourself to anyone. Sounds silly. So, on LinkedIn, if you find someone who you think could be a valuable connection, send an invitation, introduce yourself, and see where it takes you.


2.      Connecting With Others Through Groups

You can connect with someone on LinkedIn, but they don’t have to connect with you. For whatever reason, certain people won’t connect with you. This makes it a bit more difficult to network with them, and it may mean upgrading to Premium just to send invites and InMails.

However, LinkedIn groups make it easier. If you and someone you’re not connected with are members of the same group, you’ll have permission to reach out and interact with them. This could then lead to a valuable connection.


3.      Go Into Private Mode

Another thing no one tells you about LinkedIn is that you can go into private mode. Unlike other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, people are notified when you view their profile. This has its advantages to see who may be interested, but it can be a deterrent if you just need to suss someone out.

If you put your profile in private mode, you can visit other peoples’ profiles and they won’t know it’s you. Don’t be unethical by using this to spy on people but use it to stay under the radar to keep your agenda hidden to research people. Remember to go back into normal profile visibility afterwards.


4.      Use Keywords in Your Content

Many digital marketers are highly skilled in SEO (search engine optimisation). They use tools and apps such as Google Analytics and SERPS to research a company sector to find specific keywords and key phrases to embed into the content.

What no one tells you is that you can use SEO in business social media, too. Good research can lead to good SEO keywords. Use these in the content of your LinkedIn profile and it’ll gain traction and appear higher up in the search rankings.


5.      You Can Generate Leads

What no one tell you about LinkedIn is that you can use it to generate sales leads. It’s a very useful tool for this, but many people think it’s just a social network, only useful for leaving messages and posting pictures. Wrong.

Making valuable connections just is the start of it. Making strong business relationships is another. These relationships turn into warm leads, and you can use your expertise to build up a rapport and convert this relationship into a profitable sales lead.


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Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, Managing Director of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

© Dr. Mark D. Yates | FBI Consultancy Ltd

Dr Mark D. Yates

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