How To Make The Best Online Connections To Benefit You

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Making strong online connections is very important for businesses these days. Both B2B and B2C companies rely on having a robust network to keep their businesses alive. Since social media is in its prime, it has become increasingly vital for businesses to make online connections, but ones that will benefit them long-term.

FBI Consultancy Ltd know just how to make the best online connections. With an expertise in business social media such as LinkedIn, we focus primarily on leveraging LinkedIn for businesses to gain better online visibility while generating sales leads. This all comes about from strong, relevant connections.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest business social media platform with over 530 million members worldwide (as of 2018). This means it’s by far the most fertile hunting ground for professionals looking to connect with other professionals.

Here’s how you can make the best online connections to benefit you.



Blogging is one of the best ways of engagement online, as it’s all written content at your control. You decide on the subject and style to keep the readership interested and informed. Blogs are a great way to get your audience to come back to you if what you write is interesting enough.

Interact by reading other blogs and leaving comments to build a relationship in the online community. People will end up leaving comments on your blog and this will result in connections. Because your blog readership already knows of you and your business, and must have been affected positively, this will be a very good connection to you.



Another good way to make the best online connections is through online networking. As LinkedIn is the world’s largest B2B platform, there are plenty of professionals from many business sectors to network with. They’re there to network. Take your pick.

The best way to do this on LinkedIn is to interact with your audience. Communicate by liking and sharing other people’s posts, or by leaving relevant comments and get involved in the dialogue. This will get you noticed and it’ll place you in good stead with the online business community.

Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd, networks with many people from multiple sectors. From attending business events as a motivational speaker, to acting as an interim director, he ensures his connections are strong by meeting new people and working with them.


Be Friendly

When you’ve begun to be part of the online business community on LinkedIn, it’s important you’re aware of how you come across to others. Just like in any social environment, you should treat people as you’d like to be treated, so just be friendly.

It’s likely, because it’s a business social media platform, that you’ll want to act professional and move into the corporate business speak. However, because this isn’t a face-to-face environment, it’s hard to read people and impossible to read facial expressions. So, you could come across as rude without realising. Just be friendly to others and build a rapport to make the best business connections online.


Be Subtle

Once you’ve established your place on the business social media platform, it’s tempting to sell, sell, sell. This might not be the best way to go about it on a social media platform, as the whole point is effective networking and making strong connections.

Subtlety is key. Like blogging and networking, you’ve got to show who you are and what you can offer before asking people to buy. A business social media platform like LinkedIn is extremely helpful for letting your personality shine through. You’ve got to sell yourself before your can sell your products.


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Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, Managing Director of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

© Dr. Mark D. Yates | FBI Consultancy Ltd

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