5 Wrong Ways To Leverage LinkedIn

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Leveraging LinkedIn is necessary for any business wanting to grow. It is the largest and most fertile business social media platform in the world with over 530 million members signed up. Many businesses utilise LinkedIn, looking to network online and seek out new sales leads.

However, there a several things people get wrong. When you get just one thing wrong, the whole marketing strategy falls apart.

FBI Consultancy Ltd specialise in LinkedIn business social media, helping small businesses and large businesses gain better online visibility while generating warm sales leads.

These are 5 wrong ways to leverage LinkedIn:


1.      Not Having a Professional-looking Profile

The main thing to have on LinkedIn is almost non-explanatory. Not just creating a profile, but one that is professional-looking with good written content and media. A profile picture gets you 21 times more profile views (Statistic: LinkedIn), because people can put a face to the name and begin to trust you. Not having a photo means people will scroll past you and you’ll go unnoticed.

Good-quality content can capture a reader’s attention by not only explaining what you do but giving you the chance to show your individual personality, which is something that makes you unique. If your content is vague, grammatically incorrect and boring, other people won’t bother to read it or take you seriously.


2.      Not Utilising SEO

Utilising SEO is an often unheard-of trick within business social media. SEO (search engine optimisation) is used in many, if not all digital marketing strategies, but not utilising it on LinkedIn can leave you low down in search results.

Embedding keywords into the content will push your profile right up the search rankings. Certain words that you could research to do with your sector will help you gain much better visibility online. If the word ‘professional’ is a keyword that appears more than once, you’ll appear in search results when anyone searches that term.

3.      Making the Wrong Connections

Making connections on LinkedIn is an absolute must. But making the wrong connections is a faux pas. A good target for a strong, well-connected profile is 500 connections. This will build up a network where you have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level connections with the potential to turn into sales.

Many people, however, make the wrong connections. This would be adding people to fill up your connections list in order to look good. You shouldn’t do this. It’s not beneficial. Target the right people who you think could be valuable connections.


4.      Forgetting to Post Regularly

Even if you create a professional-looking profile and connect to all the right people, it’s really easy to just leave your profile as it is. You shouldn’t just leave it, it’ll just stagnate. Posting regularly will keep your profile – and your brand – alive online. Doing this will push you up the search rankings, too.

LinkedIn allows you to write articles and these will appear in your activity section in your profile. You should also post updates that will appear in your timeline, which are short, snippets of information, along with photos or videos. Forgetting to post regularly will mean you’ll easily be forgotten, as there are so many other competing professionals online.


5.      Neglecting LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are easily overlooked. Another wrong way to leverage LinkedIn is to not create a group and to not join any groups. There are millions of professionals using LinkedIn groups, networking and interacting within their own niche sectors. If you don’t utilise LinkedIn groups, you’ll pretty much be left out, and essentially missing out.

FBI Consultancy Ltd created a LinkedIn group for the company to specifically target business consultancy partners. These partners could join the FBI Consultancy brand, leverage LinkedIn for clients, and begin to make money from it.


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Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, Managing Director of FBI Consultancy Ltd

© Dr. Mark D. Yates | FBI Consultancy Ltd

Dr Mark D. Yates

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