How To Promote Yourself Online To Drive Sales Leads

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Did you know, the better your online promotion, the more likely you are to generate new sales leads? It’s true. The 21st century has seen a boom in digital media and digital marketing, and the Internet itself is being used by 3.2 billion people worldwide (statistic:

FBI Consultancy Ltd specialise in lead generation from leveraging LinkedIn. In doing this, our expertise lies with writing professional content for our clients and managing their business social media accounts. Our aim is better online visibility – get them seen by potential clients for them, which results in new sales leads.


How Do You Promote Yourself Online?

There are several ways to do this. Remember, there are so many different platforms to take advantage of.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest B2B business social media platform with over 500 million members worldwide. This means professionals should take advantage of this, as it’s a hub of expertise and professionalism from every sector around the world.

What FBI Consultancy does is take several people from a company and interview each person. We then professionally write content. With embedded SEO keywords from our research into the company and industry, the aim is to get them at the top of the LinkedIn search results. Over several months, we keep the brand active and alive by posting updates and making new connections on their behalf.

This is a proven business growth method that has seen companies from multiple sectors grow.



eBooks are a great way to promote yourself, as they act as a symbol of your intelligence in your field of work. They also get your name and your company’s name out to further reaches of the Internet, such as Amazon.

Dr. Mark D. Yates, Managing Director of FBI Consultancy Ltd, wrote four eBooks. Three of them are LinkedIn-based: How To Make Money On LinkedIn, How To Get To #1 On LinkedIn, and The Art Of Business Networking War.

The fourth book, A Deadly Occupation, is a memoir of his British Special Forces background.



FBI Consultancy recently created a monthly newsletter. It contains valuable information by Dr. Yates, but it’s an excellent tool to link back to your website, such as your services pages.

If you’d like to sign up to our newsletter, contact us at



Like this one, blogs are a handy platform for writing articles, either about your business or on other subjects. The whole idea is that you get more content online to keep your website and brand active.

Our blog is written by a professional writer, and we post at least twice a week. One of our articles, Why Now Is The Best Time To Grow Your Business On LinkedIn, is available to read now.



I’ve already mentioned LinkedIn because that is what we specialise in. But other social media platforms are excellent tools for brand promotion too.

Twitter is a good way to gain a following. Keep track of current trends and hashtags, and join in with them. Such as #wednesdaywisdom. It’s a bit a fun and gets your brand noticed too.



As an alternative to written content, you could create videos for your company. These could be corporate and to-the-point, or – like most online things – it could be fun and quirky.

One of the videos produced for FBI Consultancy is this:



As long as you pay attention to all the platforms where you can promote your company and achieve better online visibility, there’s no reason why you won’t begin to drive new sales leads. Lead generation relies on good communication and a really good brand. You need to work on how you appear online, and the leads will come to you.

Contact FBI Consultancy Ltd today to find out how we can help you leverage LinkedIn to achieve profitable, long-term business growth.

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Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, Managing Director of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

© Dr. Mark D. Yates | FBI Consultancy Ltd

Dr Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is the CEO of FBI consultancy which provides a professionally managed business growth service for global business owners, Investors, entrepreneurs & C-Level executives. If you need to retain a dynamic managing director, interim director, business trouble shooter, business growth consultant, or his proven LinkedIn consultancy, contact Dr. Mark D. Yates at: Tel: UK 0151 647 1716. E: W:

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