The More You Do, The More You Realise You Can Do

After leaving school Micky Flanagan worked as a porter, a painter and decorator, and a window cleaner. He then decided to start his own furniture business. It went bust.

So aged 29, Micky went back to school and did a degree in Social Sciences and trained be a teacher. Only to discover, as he says, “everything that was wrong about the school system when I was young was still the same. It was the unhappiest year of my life.”

Whilst sitting in front of the television watching some stand up comedians, not knowing what to do with his life, Micky blurted out to his girlfriend, “I could do that.” “Then go and do it Micky,” his girlfriend replied.

So aged 44 and working part-time as a painter and decorator, Micky embarked on a career as a stand-up comedian.

In 2016, Micky Flanagan was the biggest selling comedian in the UK selling out 12 nights at the O2 arena in London, the same as Beyonce.

Micky says, “I’ve realised that to be truly creative you have to put yourself out there and be willing to fail. And the more you do, the more you realise you can do.”

….. The bill for trying is much less then the bill for not trying.


Batman: Whisky on the rocks, but hold the whisky.

Bartender: So you just want ice.

Batman: Yes, I want JUSTICE.

Live big & love deep.



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