Why Now Is The Best Time To Grow Your Business On LinkedIn

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Social media for business is still a new marketing strategy, which has seen significant growth in the past decade (2008-2018). Many social media platforms have grown from small businesses to multi-national corporations in just the past 10 years. LinkedIn, the world’s largest business social media platform, was formed in 2002 with just 10 members. It went from 20 million members in 2008 to over 500 million in 2018. This shows the power, interest, productivity, and growth of social media platforms.

The widely-reported financial crisis of 2008 saw many businesses fail. This affected productivity for a whole decade, with the exception of certain businesses (including social media companies). However, in 2018, productivity growth became the strongest since the financial crisis. Output per hour rose 0.8% in the three months to December, the Office for National Statistics said. It follows growth of 0.9% in the previous period.

The challenge of productivity and business growth for the past 10 years will have eased, meaning many small businesses will see their potential and take advantage of business growth strategies to be able to make money.


How Does LinkedIn Grow My Business?

Using a specialist consultancy, you can see significant improvements within your business. There are a number of tactics to leverage LinkedIn, which can generate sales leads and essentially make you much more visible online.

Why LinkedIn? Why Not Facebook or Twitter? Well, the simple answer is, Facebook is more of a close-knit community of people you know, and Twitter is good for self-promotion. But LinkedIn is a powerful business to business platform, where professionals and business owners can network with each other. With so much talent in one space, it’s inevitable you’ll begin to see the benefits.

But the challenge is still there. Companies will always need help doing what they don’t normally specialise in. Most think it’s easy, but it will also always be difficult to achieve business growth and success in an unpredictable economy.

LinkedIn is an excellent tool for businesses to make money and for their online brand promotion. A LinkedIn expert can help a business make worthwhile connections. More worthwhile and feasible than with any other social media platform. That’s why FBI Consultancy Ltd is one of the top business consultancies, with unique, specialist knowledge around LinkedIn.


Why FBI Consultancy?

Most people ask how do businesses use social media? Or, why do businesses use social media?

As a business growth consultancy, we’ve seen the effect the financial crisis had on many small businesses. We specialise in working with small, niche businesses, so we understand the difficulties in being seen in a time when online marketing is at its prime; and we specialise in LinkedIn, so we have expert knowledge on how to utilise the platform.

No other company is more skilled in B2B lead generation through LinkedIn than FBI Consultancy. We help companies generate new business leads, grow referrals, increase sales, promote business visibility, pinpoint new opportunities, identify fresh revenue streams, professionalise businesses and staff members’ online presence, promote brand awareness, reduce recruitment costs and increase communications to customers and clients.

What makes us unique is that we do everything in-house. We have expert social media executives, a professional creative writer, and the world-renowned business management consultant, Dr. Mark D. Yates.

We want to help. That’s why. And seeing that UK productivity is the strongest it’s been in 10 years, it’s safe to say that many businesses will feel comfortable when they choose to take the step to leverage LinkedIn and watch their business grow.


What’s Next?

There’s always a choice. Whether you’re starting up a new business or you’re a high-ranking CEO, your choices are what define you as a professional.

Dr. Mark D. Yates, the managing director of FBI Consultancy Ltd, suggests that you should invest your time in business social media, because, as productivity begins to rise after so many years, the competition will rise too. So, the best time to grow your business on LinkedIn is now.

Our award-winning LinkedIn Consultancy is a professional service aimed at small businesses who are looking to grow. With LinkedIn training as well, where Dr. Yates gives in-house training or offers a 6-module SWAT training course, we ensure every client we deal with becomes an expert themselves.

What’s next is your business grows. You make a profit, you can take on more staff, you branch out, and, inevitablely, you achieve that success you’ve been aiming for. Productivity may continue to grow after 2018, and social media platforms will pave the way for fresh opportunities and new business, exciting ventures, and long-term success.

Michael Holloway.

Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, Managing Director of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

© Dr. Mark D. Yates | FBI Consultancy Ltd

Dr Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is the CEO of FBI consultancy which provides a professionally managed business growth service for global business owners, Investors, entrepreneurs & C-Level executives. If you need to retain a dynamic managing director, interim director, business trouble shooter, business growth consultant, or his proven LinkedIn consultancy, contact Dr. Mark D. Yates at: Tel: UK 0151 647 1716. E: mark@fbiconsultancy.com W: www.fbiconsultancy.com

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