Are LinkedIn Groups Making A Comeback?

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Recently, LinkedIn emailed all of its 500 million+ members, informaing them that there are going to be a number of updates to the groups. This is good for many professionals, as for some time it seemed as though LinkedIn had neglected the groups feature of the business social media platform, and there was a fear among those with thousands of connections within their groups, that LinkedIn might discontinue them.

But that’s not the case. It looks like Microsoft has seen the benefit and high-potential of the groups, and has decided to revamp them and bring them back into the light. Some of the new updates include:

Discovering and accessing groups more easily

“You’ll be able to access your Groups right from the homepage, and you’ll see the latest content from your Groups in notifications and the homepage feed.”

Being part of richer conversations

“You’ll be able to post videos into your groups, @mention the members you want to weigh in, and keep the conversation going by replying to comments.”


Since the neglect of LinkedIn groups, many businesses and professionals on LinkedIn have decided to give it another go. Us included.


We set up our group four weeks ago from the time of writing, and already we have around 175 members and a proactive community who are networking and reaping the benefits.

As a company who specialises in LinkedIn, FBI Consultancy Ltd are happy with LinkedIn’s decision to bring the groups feature back to life. The CEO and business development director, Dr. Mark D. Yates, found that having many members in your group is incredibly valuable, as not only are they like connections, but also they’ve already shown an interest. This is highly beneficial to businesses, clients looking to do business, and all in all, an excellent B2B platform.

If you’d like to join our FBI Consultancy group, or if you would like to know more about our LinkedIn Consultancy service, where we help develop business social media strategies for businesses (helping promote brand visibility and generate leads) then feel fre to contact us on

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Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, Managing Director of FBI Consultancy Ltd.



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