How To Save On Your Marketing Budget With a LinkedIn Consultancy

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In recent years, marketers have been spending more of their budget on the digital side of the business. Websites, digital commerce, online advertising, etc. have become far more important due to the size and power of the Internet and social media platforms.The magic marketing number is usually about 10% of the business’s revenue. But because digital marketing has grown so much in recent times, some companies may struggle to meet that target in the competitive, online world.

Where Does The Money Go?

Many companies budget well in order to be able to offer a professional and effective marketing plan. It’s important to take into account how this money is spent, but where does the money go?

Marketing budgets are usually spent on:

  • Digital marketing
  • Building and maintaining a website
  • Email campaigns and landing pages
  • Social media
  • Customer relations
  • Advertising and exposure

Professionals and business owners must have it in their minds that their website is aesthetically pleasing, interactive and user-friendly. They must hire expert staff, such as website designers and social media executives to create that one thing every company must have.

A good brand.

Your Brand Online

What is your brand?

It’s everything about your company in an image or slogan, which is memorable to the consumer. In a way, the brand acts as the company’s personality, which is why online marketing is so important, as well as good social media strategies.

Business Social Media

LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most powerful business social media platform. With over 500 million members worldwide, this B2B platform allows business owners to make connections and effectively do business from their desks. The managing director of FBI Consultancy Ltd, Dr. Mark D. Yates, is a LinkedIn expert and management consultant. He has the know-how and expertise in leveraging LinkedIn for profitable and sustainable business growth.

One of FBI Consultancy Ltd’s professional services is a LinkedIn Consultancy. This means we take over and manage LinkedIn accounts for businesses, helping to develop their brand, building better online visibility, and generating leads.

Did you know you could save on your sales and marketing budgets simply from leveraging LinkedIn?

Leveraging LinkedIn

By leveraging LinkedIn, businesses can save on their sales budgets because it can help generate new business leads, grow referrals, increase sales, pinpoint new opportunities, and identify fresh revenue streams.

Businesses can also save on their marketing budgets because it can promote business visibility, professionalise business’s and staff members’ online presence, promote brand awareness, and increase communications to clients.

Because LinkedIn acts as a CV for many people as well, the website is an effective recruitment tool, meaning it can reduce recruitment costs too.

No other company is more skilled in B2B lead generation through LinkedIn than FBI Consultancy.

Your Choice

Of course, it’s your choice where you go next. But it’s proven that LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to help save on sales and marketing budgets because it’s all there for the taking. However, it does take skill and expertise to master it. Dr. Mark D. Yates, as a business development director, as well as a LinkedIn consultant, has worked for over 30 years in the industry to gain this valuable insight.

At FBI Consultancy Ltd, we are LinkedIn experts, and we’ve worked with many clients from multiple sectors. We want to help businesses grow and achieve their profits. From solicitors to studwelding companies; from resin flooring companies to scuba diving equipment manufacturers; our expertise ranges widely over many sectors.

So, no matter what area of expertise you are in, or what level you’re at in business, you can save on your sales and marketing budgets if you, too, leverage LinkedIn.

Michael Holloway.

Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, Managing Director of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

© Dr. Mark D. Yates | FBI Consultancy Ltd

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