A Deadly Occupation: An e-Book by Dr. Mark D. Yates

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“Dr. Mark D. Yates, a security expert who trained Russian Special Forces, was used to seeing bloodshed. But then he found his boss and family had been slaughtered by the Mafia. The body of a 16-year-old boy was there at his murdered mother’s feet, with a bullet in his head. The way he was sitting suggested that he had been made to watch his mother’s execution.”

Dr. Mark. D. Yates is an expert business consultant, working in the field of business social media. However, he has a rich history, dating back over 30 years, as a security expert who trained Russian Special Forces, was used to seeing bloodshed during covert, anti-Mafia operations.

This e-Book is written in the style of a memoir. Vivid and rich in detail, it shows Dr. Yates’ early life, growing up in Liverpool, UK. His life quickly changes after college, when he’s headhunted and sent to work for Intelligence on covert building sites in Germany. Soon, coming face-to-face with real life-threatening situations.

Dubbed the ‘Mafia Buster’ and the ‘Serious Participant’ by the press and TV for his covert and overt VIP protection operations in the former Soviet Union, he was a highly-respected, and highly-skilled security expert. Subsequently, he became the president of the Law Enforcement Bodyguard Association International (LEBAI).

Get a first-hand grasp on what it was like handling dangerous situations during protection operations, being up, close and personal with criminals, terrorists, and Mafioso.

Dr. Yates was considered to be the most professional bodyguard trainer in the world. He trained thousands of elite bodyguards for governments, law enforcement, military, Special Forces, anti-Mafia and private security agencies in 44 countries.

Now a successful business consultant and LinkedIn expert, he is the managing director of FBI Consultancy Ltd. Five major TV documentaries have been filmed on his bodyguard activities around the world. And now this book is available for you to delve into Dr. Mark D. Yates’ dangerous world.

In this remarkable insight to the world of covert security operations, Dr. Mark D. Yates the British American security expert, takes the reader deep inside his dangerous, and often amusing, secretive world of extremely high-risk international VIP protective service operations.

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Michael Holloway

Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, managing Director of FBI Consutlancy Ltd.

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