Create a Star Wars Social Media Marketing Strategy in 3 Steps


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This month (December 2017) sees Star Wars: The Last Jedi out in cinemas. Everyone is talking about it, not just that it’s a popular, cultural phenomenon and billion-dollar franchise dating back to 1977, but that they have a social media marketing strategy that grabs everyone instantly.

Most companies either neglect their social media or don’t utilise it well enough. FBI Consultancy Ltd are a company who specialise in business social media, creating and managing LinkedIn accounts for a 12-month contract period. With this, it’s results in increased visibility, brand awareness, and brand promotion. These lead to lead generation, client acquisition, and subsequently, business growth and profit gain.

But what is it that Star Wars have that other companies don’t? Other than the force, it’s simply expert social media marketing. There are several ways you and your company can improve your own social media marketing.

More Than Content

Many businesses employ people, like myself, to write professionally written content for their websites or social media platforms. This is an excellent source of good marketing, but there is more, and the amount of forms have increased rapidly.

You can use images and videos (which are a given), but also memes (for comedy effect), how-to’s, lists, eBooks, interviews, etc. There are a variety of different online forms you can use to add to your online content instead of just written words.


Consistent Posting

People use their computers and smartphones every day to access the internet. They will be accessing their social media every day, too, so it’s up to you to keep up to date. You can post constantly, but use tools such as Hootsuite to keep yourself organised with a surplus of content to go out automatically.

It doesn’t have to be a bit blog post, either. You could just use Twitter to send a small Tweet, which reflects the current popularity of what’s trending. This way, you can get involved in what’s happening without talking to much about yourself or your company.


Getting Involved

Obviously, Star Wars is a film, which is completely different to many other companies using social media. Even us. However, getting involved with your audience, online or offline, can help with your online presence.

Interact with your audience with comments, likes, and shares. But also, attend events, meet people, help out other businesses. All these things you do outside of your business can be recorded and posted online to show the world who you are and what you do.


I think most companies can easily miss out on what they themselves have to offer. Big corporations like Disney can produce expert social media strategies for Star Wars, but that doesn’t mean you can’t.

At FBI Consultancy Ltd, we strive for excellence through our professional services in business social media. It’s our aim to manage a company’s LinkedIn accounts and help their business to grow. FBI Consultancy CEO, Dr. Mark D. Yates, has worked with a variety of companies from multiple sectors as a LinkedIn consultant and as an Interim Director. We see out success is reflected in how businesses grow and learn to leverage social media to their advantage.

May the force be with you.


Michael Holloway.

Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

Michael Holloway - Lead Writer

Michael Holloway is the Lead Writer at FBI Consultancy Ltd. He is a professional writer and author. FBI Consultancy Ltd provides a professionally managed business growth service for business owners. If you need to retain a dynamic managing director, interim director, business troubleshooter, business growth consultant, or LinkedIn consultancy, contact us at: 0151 647 1716 or W:

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