How My Apprenticeship Has Benefitted Me

As the end of my yearlong apprenticeship with FBI Consultancy Ltd quickly approaches, I find myself looking back at my time here and reflecting on my experiences. I have realised that whilst my time as an apprentice hasn’t been perfect, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that I was given and I think the experience gained will benefit me far in the future.

I’ve learnt a lot during my time here and I think that it is important to let both apprentices and employers know just how much apprenticeships can help and how big a difference they can make.

People Skills

I stayed on in the same school to do my A-Levels, sticking with my close group of friends that I have known since Year 7 and going through Sixth-Form together. By choosing to stay on at the same school, I never really experienced meeting lots of brand new people in other Sixth-Form colleges.

When I started my apprenticeship, I was faced with meeting strangers that I would suddenly have to spend 35 hours a week with. This was a little daunting at first for me due to the fact that I had previously spent my time in school with people that I had known for years.

Fortunately, the office that I joined was full of interesting, friendly, helpful people who made me feel welcome straight away. It wasn’t long before I felt like fit into the office dynamic. I’ve always known that it doesn’t take much to make somebody feel comfortable when they are thrown into new surroundings but the first few weeks at FBI Consultancy Ltd helped reinforce that in my mind.

As part of my job position I occasionally had to meet with our clients and help deal with any problems that arose. Meeting a large range of characters helped to develop my overall people skills and understand how to deal with a variety of different people in a varied range of situations.


Most of my time was taken up by work for FBI Consultancy, but I also had to complete numerous sets of coursework in order to finish my apprenticeship and receive my Digital Marketing qualification. This sometimes meant that I would have to prioritise my workloads and plan out how I was going to balance the work between the business I worked for and the academy that I attended.

Learning how to prioritise my workload meant that I completed the work in the quickest and most efficient manner. At the start of my apprenticeship I would juggle the two sets of work that I had, dropping in and out of the different tasks in order to get everything done as soon as possible. Over time I discovered that this wasn’t the way to go and instead, I needed to focus on one task at a time.

Organising my work like this meant that whilst sometimes the quantity my workload would be increased due to the longer time spend on each individual task, I was not compromising the quality of what I was producing. For the best work to be completed there occasionally needs to be some sacrifice.

Dealing with Stress

Every job out there is going to have its ups and downs. Whether the day feels like an eternity or you’re bombarded with work that needs to be completed by yesterday, there’s always going to be some stressful times in your working life.

Throughout my life I have been and continue to be a relatively relaxed and level headed person when it comes to problems that arise and need solving. It has been important that I try to remain that way over the year whilst working at FBI Consultancy Ltd. I have discovered on a first hand basis how stressful working life can be and I learnt how to deal with all of the pressure that has been placed on my shoulders. When I had a deadline coming up, I wouldn’t panic and worry about whether it will get completed on time, I simply put my head down and got it done.

Having an introductory years’ experience dealing with the smaller stresses of work has definitely helped me for any future job roles, as I am now more prepared for whatever bigger issues are going to be thrown my way throughout my career.

With my apprenticeship ending in the coming weeks, I am now looking ahead to what’s going to happen next, knowing that my time spent here will forever have an impact on my work life in the future. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that I have presented to me and will continue to keep in touch with FBI Consultancy Ltd in the future, tracking its progress along the way.

Harrison Smith

Social Media Executive

Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

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