What Is Business Troubleshooting and How Does It Work?

Business Troubleshooting

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Many businesses find themselves with issues that need resolving, but sometimes these issues get out of hand or seem too complicated to be easily resolved . These companies will usually hire a specialist Business Troubleshooter to step in and help the company resolve any issues that may have arisen.

But what is Business Troubleshooting?

Business Troubleshooting is the method of problem-solving within companies who are in need of expert solutions to complex problems. A Business Troubleshooter is a person skilled at anticipating problems and solving them, delivering excellent results.

The Business Troubleshooter is an expert in identifying and solving these issues within companies. This re-enforces their position and their skill-sets, allowing them to resolve most business growth issues including sales, efficiency, organisation, cashflow, and profit. Social media training from a LinkedIn Expert is a good way to learn how to leverage business social media like LinkedIn, for professional lead generation and online visibility.

FBI Consultancy Ltd offer professional services to help business grow. One of FBI’s services includes a Business Troubleshooter, which allows Dr. Mark D. Yates to identify and solve issues within a company. A specialist Troubleshooter will first listen, then explore other people’s perspectives, then gather all the relevant business intelligence pertinent to the business’s problems. They can then map out the strategy for fixing the problems. The aim is to troubleshoot a business in order to ensure it achieves profitable results.

One of the ways in which Business Troubleshooting can provide solutions is through business social media. Dr. Mark D. Yates is not only a Troubleshooter, but also a LinkedIn Consultant who can offer social media training to businesses to ensure profitable and sustainable business growth.

A good business troubleshooting strategy should address:

  • The core purpose of the business
  • The business growth plan
  • The ways to sense change and adjust accordingly
  • The sales strategy
  • The digital marketing strategy

To achieve success, companies must adhere to the solutions provided by the Business Troubleshooter, as this person will have the experience and knowledge in problem-solving at a corporate level. They will normally have the ability to focus on the issue and dedicate a set amount of time working to the best of their abilities (either with the team or in a management role) to create viable solutions. Solutions that will subsequently lead to the company’s growth, allowing them to expand, and putting them in a firm position on the market. A LinkedIn Expert or a LinkedIn Consultant can help businesses grow by leveraging business social media.

A Business Troubleshooter is responsible for ‘fixing’ a business. That’s not to say Directors and Managers alike can’t do this themselves, but the Troubleshooter acts as an external professional to come in and help provide solutions, to give advice, and to guide the company back on track using their own, specific skills, experience, and knowledge in the industry.

The idea of ‘fixing’ a business is no easy task, though. Many Troubleshooters are faced with multiple issue relating to the company’s core structure.

These could include:

  • Fixing a business’s strategy – to help put a business idea into action.
  • Fixing their sales – to increase sales, quotations and the profit margin.
  • Fixing the finance department – to clear up complexities around financial information.
  • Fixing the whole organisation – to improve internal issues, such as a people or operations.

The whole objective of the Business Troubleshooter is to ensure, after they have provided their solutions, rectified problems, and sharpened up the organisation, is to allow the company to achieve its main business growth plan. It could expand its team of specialists, it could create new business, it could focus better on the market to ensure a much higher rate of success. Social media training can be offered to help business utilise the online platform to grow and reach new customers.

The Business Troubleshooter is there as a guide and is someone who helps a business when too many problems arise. To act as a fresh pair of eyes, clear all the unnecessary jargon, and make it less convoluted. This allows the business to reach the success it was meant to achieve.

Michael Holloway

Lead Writer

Michael Holloway is the Lead Writer at FBI Consultancy Ltd. He is a professional writer and author. He has read his work in front of large audiences and networked with many big-names in the creative industries. His website is: www.mjdholloway.com. FBI Consultancy Ltd provides a professionally managed business growth service for business owners. If you need to retain a dynamic managing director, interim director, business troubleshooter, business growth consultant, or LinkedIn consultancy, contact us at: 0151 647 1716 or michael@fbiconsultancy.com W: www.fbiconsultancy.com


Written on behalf of Dr. Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd

Dr Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is the CEO of FBI consultancy which provides a professionally managed business growth service for global business owners, Investors, entrepreneurs & C-Level executives. If you need to retain a dynamic managing director, interim director, business trouble shooter, business growth consultant, or his proven LinkedIn consultancy, contact Dr. Mark D. Yates at: Tel: UK 0151 647 1716. E: mark@fbiconsultancy.com W: www.fbiconsultancy.com

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