How Do Businesses Profit From an Interim Director?

Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd, acts as an interim director for businesses as part of his business growth consultancy services. Here’s a look at how businesses can profit from an interim director.

Many companies who are in need of fresh, objective management utilise the knowledge, skills, and talents of someone who is a specialist in their field. This person is known as an Interim Director or Management Advisor, who comes to a company on a temporary basis to provide expert resources, skills and experience in order to manage a period of transition, crisis or change within an organisation.

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The main view of these Business Growth Consultant positions is to act as a Business Troubleshooter or problem-solver. They sort out any issues that may have arisen and to temporarily oversee a company or a short-term project. It’s all about increasing efficiency and organisational effectiveness, identifying problems and leading the implementation of business growth strategies.

Unlike a Director or Manager who is hired in the traditional sense, an Interim Director can be in place in days rather than weeks of a drawn-out application process. This is essential when time constraints are crucial. When companies hire a professional business growth consultant, they need this person to use their specialist skills to achieve success. However, sometimes a company is short on time and needs crisis resolution to relieve serious implications that may affect the business negatively. An Interim Director will come into the role very quickly, as an acting Management Advisor,
and can provide leadership and focus on the issues at hand.

An Interim Director is usually over-qualified for the role because they will have to deal with a variety of issues all at once. They also have to oversee an array of people in several departments. Acting as a Business Troubleshooter, they’ll have to know what they’re doing. They need to know how to do it with key resources and abilities put in place. On rare occasions, an Interim Director might be under-qualified due to time constraints in hiring the person. So even if they’re not properly qualified, the company will need them to bring their specialised skills to the company, implement change, and act as a temporary Senior Leader or in a time of urgency.

An Interim Director should be:

• A top-level executive or project manager
• An professional Business Troubleshooter
• An expert with a track-record of delivering results
• A specialist with drive and energy
• Capable of adapting to new environments
• Available immediately

Interim Directors are unique because they’re not just management advisors, they are managers in their own right. As a result, they take on leadership and responsibilities of the company. The interim director is not considered a ‘temp,’ even though the role is temporary. They have the authority and credibility to focus on the project and implement significant change within an organisation. Consequently, Interim Directors add value by using their expertise to help deliver an outcome, solution, service or mitigate risk.

In addition, someone who works in the business growth industry as an Interim Director must maintain a high-level of professional work. This is because they rely on the high-standards of their success, their track-record and high-quality referrals. Therefore, the role almost acts as freelance, as they take on work where required and keep up a strong status as an intelligent, successful, adaptable professional who is often available to work straight away.

The Interim Director’s lifecycle:

• Entry
• Diagnosis
• Proposal
• Implementation
• Exit

Their knowledge, experience, skill and focus allows them to work as a specialist in their field. This makes them unique, as they are usually high-qualified, high-performing, business troubleshooters, who are adaptable people who are ready to work on-hand. They are always someone who has a keen talent for achieving success.

Michael Holloway
Lead Writer – FBI Consultancy Ltd.

Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

Dr Mark D. Yates

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