When Are the Best Times to Publish on Social Media?

When using social media websites such as LinkedIn or Facebook, you need to regularly post out content for your audience so that you can frequently engage with them and spread brand awareness.

However, there is no point in posting content when nobody is going to see it. Every social media site has their own peak times when posts will get the most views and engagements. Therefore, we at FBI have worked out using various sources the best times to post your content online.

The following are only guidelines for when to post content but Dr. Mark D. Yates, the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert has greatly benefitted from scheduling his posts in relation to the research carried out.


FBI recommend posting content onto LinkedIn at around 5pm in the UK. It has been found that a peak time for LinkedIn usage is near this time.

This is because at 5pm, workers in the UK will be getting ready to leave work. As the day draws to a close, some employees will check their LinkedIn feed whilst they still have the working mind-set, and then won’t check it again until the next day when they are in work.

If you’re aiming for a wider reach, 5pm is also the best time to be seen by people across the pond in the US. With the UK/US time difference being 5 hours, when we post on social media before we leave work, Americans will have begun their lunch, another popular time for people to be checking their social media accounts.

Facebook & Twitter

FBI has found that posting times for content onto Facebook and Twitter are somewhat similar. Whilst it is suggested to upload updates onto Twitter at 12pm, Facebook posts appear to get the most responses at 1pm.

Social networking sites get increased visitor numbers due to it being lunchtime. Whist people are having their lunch and taking breaks, they will be scrolling through their feeds. This is the perfect opportunity to send out your post so that it can be seen during this user high.

As the day continues the next best time for content publishing is mid-afternoon, around 3pm. 9-5 workers will normally take breaks during the hump of their working sessions, which happens to be near 3pm. Posting content during this hump will help reach the wider audience of users that are all checking their Facebook or Twitter at the same time.

The infographic provides a clear guide as to when to upload your content onto sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. For more information regarding how you could use LinkedIn successfully, feel free to contact Link Business Marketing.

Harrison Smith
Social Media Executive

Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

Dr Mark D. Yates

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