How Generating Business Leads Can Grow Your Business

Every business has target audiences which they aim to attract to sell their products and/or services to.

This can be achieved in different ways such as advertising, attending business events and from soliciting recommendations from former customers and clients. These are all very effective ways of growing your business. Another useful way to increase the client base of your company is by leveraging LinkedIn for business lead generation.

But what is lead generation and how does it help you and your business?

Generating leads is the process of researching through LinkedIn to find potential clients or customers who may be able to purchase your products or services.

All you need to do is provide a LinkedIn expert or LinkedIn consultant with the criteria of customers and business partners you are searching for and they will do everything else for you. This could be local businesses within a certain geographical area of your own premises, or perhaps a company that works in a specific industry sector which you are targeting.

Once a list of leads has been generated, you can connect with them via LinkedIn and your journey to growing your business begins.

Dr. Mark D. Yates suggests connecting on LinkedIn is very simple. You send out the invitation and whoever receives it can choose whether to accept it or ignore it. Connecting on LinkedIn is the start of a dialogue between you and your connections. Once connected, you will have access to any valuable business growth information which has been provided by your connection.

This could be emails, phone numbers, business addresses, etc. You will also have the ability to message your connections directly.

If you ask a professional LinkedIn expert, they will tell you to use this messaging service to your advantage. Begin a conversation with your new connections and start a discussion about their business and your business along with the potential partnership that can be nurtured.

A few messages later and you could be agreeing to a business pitch meeting where you both discuss mutual commercial benefits.

Connections have the option to endorse the skills which you have uploaded onto your LinkedIn profile. Whilst skills alone can increase a profile’s viewing numbers by 13 times, adding endorsements to those skills will increase their reliability and accuracy. Therefore, increasing the likelihood of users accepting your connection invitations.

Any LinkedIn consultant will recognise that the more connections you have, the more recommendations you might receive. That means more potential business partners and clients, which you can add to your sales funnel and sales pipeline.

LinkedIn connections can also provide you with a network of other business users who are all connected to you via various other LinkedIn users.

The process and outcome of LinkedIn lead generation is simple, fast and extremely cost effective.

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Dr Mark D. Yates

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