How to Build a Professional LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is all about business. As a B2B platform, LinkedIn is used for building up business networks that can be utilised by you to help grow your business, find clients or simply get your name further out there. But how do you grow your network and how do you know you’re making the most out of the tools that you have in front of you? How did Dr. Mark D. Yates grow his connection levels to 30,000?

Firstly, let’s briefly explain how LinkedIn networks work. A network on LinkedIn consists of three different levels of connections. The 1st level connections are directly connected to your account. An invitation would have been sent and then accepted by both parties. The 2nd level connections are users who aren’t directly connected to your account, but are connected to one or more of your 1st level connections. Finally, 3rd level connections are connected to your 2nd levels. Altogether your 1st, 2nd and 3rd level connections build up your total LinkedIn network that you can leverage for successful business growth and development.

When initially building up your connections, you should fill your network with as many people that you already know in the industry. These could be your co-workers, clients (past and present), or employees, to name a few examples. As an initial ball park aim, try to get around 50 or more known connections. If you imagine that all of your connections had the same amount as you, having 50 connections would give you access to a network of roughly 125,000 other profiles. Once you have established your initial LinkedIn network and you have access to thousands of other profiles, you can begin to expand your reach to potential clients and partners on LinkedIn.

Another way to grow your LinkedIn network is to join groups. When you are part of a group, you can post or comment on the group page for all other members to see. These members might not necessarily be part of your connections, but they will now be part of your network through your connection to the group. Groups can be focused around anything from specific industry topics to general networking groups where users join with the sole purpose of expanding their network. If you would like to join a networking group, check out Black Belt Power Networkers. Founded by Dr. Mark D. Yates, we can guarantee that you will see the benefits of joining. BB Power Networkers has over 15,000 members who are all open to adding new connections.

If you want to expand your LinkedIn network even further, a good idea is to try to connect to people in higher positions, as they tend to have more connections due to their job. On average, a CEO of a company will have around 930 connections, so their overall network is going to span a large range of LinkedIn.

The graph below shows the potential network reach that you could gain from certain numbers of LinkedIn connections. This is not a guaranteed measurement, as the graph only shows the results if all of your connections had the same number as you do, but it does show you a basic area of what your network size will be.

If you wish to grow your LinkedIn network, connect to any of our trained LinkedIn consultants to benefit from their networks or to directly ask us how we can help you.

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