5 Things Successful People Do Differently

5 Things Successful People Do Differently

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Dr. Mark D. Yates didn’t get to where he is today with luck and waiting around. He has been committed to pushing his way to the top, working hard every step of the way in order to become the successful Managing Director of

FBI Consultancy. Along with many other successful people, Dr. Mark D. Yates follows a few basic rules which have got him to where he is today.

1. Set Goals

You wouldn’t drive without knowing your final destination, so why would you begin work on a business without aiming towards a specific outcome at the end?

Many successful people started with a simple goal that they aimed to achieve. They started with a vision of where they will be in the future and worked towards that vision. If you have no true goal to aim for, you will find yourself stumbling forward with no real sense of direction.

Dr. Mark D. Yates has a clear goal he aims towards, helping him make informed decisions regarding his business. He knows what needs to be done, and how it can be accomplished, avoiding any regrettable, ill-informed decisions.

2. Prioritise

Have you ever had so much to do but you don’t have the time to do it all? Do you rush everything to try and get it all done but to a lower standard? Put off the work for another day?

The best course of action when you find yourself in this scenario is to prioritise your workload.

Analyse the work you have and organise it in order of how valuable it will be towards the goals you have set yourself. Many successful business owners follow the 80/20 rule. This is the rule whereby 80% of your business success comes from a small 20% of your work.

When looking at his workload, Dr. Mark D. Yates analyses what will benefit his business the most, and works towards that 80/20 rule. He focusses on completing one large task in one day instead of completing lots of smaller tasks in the same time period as it is more beneficial to him and his business.

3. They Aren’t Afraid To Say No

It can feel awkward or rude to say no to somebody. But it’s counter-productive saying yes to every offer, pitch or sale you are presented with. That can overwhelm you with things you cannot handle.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and your business is to say no.

I’m not saying that you should say no to every offer you are given, just that yes isn’t always the best choice for everything. Take your time when considering your next business move. Being successful means that you have to trust your gut instinct, which means if something doesn’t seem right to you, just say no.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mark D. Yates has had to say no to numerous offers, applicants and projects. He does this because they would not benefit him and business towards success. Saying no may seem harsh, but sometimes it’s the best course of action.

4. Take Care of Themselves

How many times do you take your laptop home with you and work through to the early hours of the morning? Have you ever skipped your lunch in order to finish the work you were doing in the morning? These can take your energy and ultimately affect the quality of the work you are producing. What is the point of working all day if the work is not the best it can be?

Successful business people always make sure they have their down-time in order to relax and regain their energy. They understand the importance of looking after themselves, giving themselves the ‘me time’ that they deserve. Working too much can really affect all aspects of your life, you can end up feeling fatigued, stressed or demotivated due to the massive workload you set yourself.

Dr. Mark D. Yates never overworks himself, knows when to take breaks, and how to look after himself. He makes sure that he has plenty of time to himself to rest and do things other than work. If you want to be successful, you need to be in the right mind-set in order to work to the best of your ability.

5. Take Risks

Do you ever wish you had responded differently to a situation, wondering to yourself where you would be now if you had acted differently? Perhaps it’s time that you take a few risks to help progress you towards your goals.

Not every business venture you take is going to be successful. But how do you know that unless you try? Whilst you might not be sure what direction to move in, sometimes you need to take the risk and see what happens. To be successful, risks need to be taken, otherwise you will be stuck where you are with no means of progression. Of course some risks may not work out for the best, but you will still gain the experience which you can reference for later decisions.

Dr. Mark D. Yates needed to take risks in order to develop FBI Consultancy as a business. If risks weren’t taken to target specific clients or start particular projects, I may not be writing this article today. Risks are what’s needed to add a competitive edge to a business and develop them as a whole.

Dr. Mark D. Yates didn’t become successful overnight. He worked hard, following these simple rules to get him to where he is today. You can do that do. Take knowledge of what you have read and you too can be successful.

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Written for Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

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