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The accountancy marketplace is incredibly competitive and fast-paced. To maintain competitor advantage accountancy service firms should place LinkedIn business social media at the top of their sales and marketing strategies.


Because many conventional ‘old school’ sales, marketing and growth strategies implemented by accountancy firms that worked 5 years ago, simply don’t work anymore in todays’ new technology driven business arena.

Most accounting services employees are unskilled in digital marketing, which is probably why many accounting sector businesses retain the professional services of a specialist LinkedIn consultancy.

Due to UK accounting sector businesses handling sensitive financial banking information, these businesses choose the continuous professional development route by investing in LinkedIn business social media training for their workforce. This is typically delivered by a professional LinkedIn business growth consultancy, who also specialise in the provision of staff training for the accounting sector.

FBI Consultancy, who have experience of delivering both LinkedIn consultancy and training for the UK accounting services sector, identified several aspects that require discussion before any social media activity is launched by any firm of accountants.

First and foremost all accounting service partners should remember that business social media sales & marketing consultancy is a tax-deductible investment in your company growth.

Profitable revenue generation and gaining a significant return on your investment should factor high on your list of priorities, as you manage your customers’ and potential clients’ outgoings and services.

Many accountants fail to recognise business social media as one of the most cost-effective new-client acquisition strategies available to accounting and professional service providers. LinkedIn, as the world’s largest and most professional business platform, provides everything any accountancy services company requires to grow a long-term sustainable profitable business.

Most accounting service providers just need a little help and support from a specialised LinkedIn consultancy group like FBI Consultancy to help them understand how to leverage and monetise LinkedIn.

As way of an example. The last two accounting services companies we provided our LinkedIn business growth consultancy services for had very different specific requirements they wanted to gain from retaining our professional services.

Accountancy Company A were based in the southern region of the UK. They were a very progressive firm of accountants who had taken on the licence to promote a relatively new online accountancy software product. They wanted us to position their business senior staff members high up the rankings in LinkedIn, so they could mount a cost-effective brand awareness campaign about this service.

The accountancy firm wanted to become the number 1 reseller of this accountancy software in the UK. To help them achieve this, we also focused on a mission specific business lead generation strategy to help identify business owners who could be interested in buying their accountancy software.

They expressed confidence in our service provision to them.

Accountancy Company B were also a very progressive firm of professional accountants based in the North West UK. They wanted a complete focus on removing most their actual face to face networking events, which was tying up high earning accountancy partners on time consuming non-fee earning activities. Activities that could be managed far more effectively by lower salaried employees in their company.


Once again, we commenced our client service delivery by providing a very focussed overhaul of their senior partners’ LinkedIn profiles and their LinkedIn company pages. We developed a cohesive sales and marketing strategy for their accountancy business which we fully managed for them.

They liked the fact that we left them to focus on what they were skilled at, i.e. accountancy service provision while we fully managed every aspect of their LinkedIn business growth consultancy.

We established that the growth of business social media has had a huge impact on the way accounting professionals are able to make connections online. This shouldn’t be overlooked, as connections on LinkedIn can often transition into lucrative business clients.

Changes in the industry around banking and credit means aligning your business social media activity to your accountancy business growth management plan can lead to a significant increase in new direct business leads. These can be from new, existing and former clients, providing your marketing plan has been designed as a ‘mission specific’ campaign.

As an accounting professional, it’s important for you to understand your own online presence, as there are certain compliance issues regarding accountancy, banking, credit and saving, which must be addressed.

It is also your responsibility to ensure your brand is ultra-professional, slick, sharp and that you present as a major authority in the professional accountancy industry. Especially if you are looking to attract new clients, or even to re-engage with past fee-paying clients.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most fertile business social media platform with over 500 million members worldwide. What’s especially relevant for UK accountancy service providers is that in the UK there are over 23 million business interested members on LinkedIn.

This reinforces that everything you need to grow your accountancy service business is on LinkedIn. This is true for every aspect of your accountancy service provision.

Our professional LinkedIn consultancy and LinkedIn training can also be a deciding factor in propelling your accountancy business ahead of your accounting service competitors to increase your profitable annual turnover.

World-renowned FBI Consultancy CEO, Dr. Mark D. Yates, is globally recognised as the LinkedIn Expert’s Expert. He will work very closely with your senior accounting partners to ensure your digital sales and marketing strategies deliver the very best return on your sales and marketing investment.

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