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Hi, I'm Dr. Mark. D. Yates. Are you sceptical? Everyone we visit usually is.
However, 98% of business owners considered our FBI executive consultation a
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Do you know how many new business opportunities you are missing by not capitalising on LinkedIn, the world’s largest & most fertile business hunting ground? A 1-hour FBI consultation will take the guesswork out of everything you need to know to grow your business.
Ever Wondered how your business competitors are growing faster than you? You are just one short step away from learning how they are leveraging & monetising business digital media to increase sales of their products & services.

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Stuart Goldsmith


Director, Alithea Limited



Dr. Mark D. Yates is the Rolls Royce model of ‘a safe pair of hands’. During the last 15 years I’ve witnessed his total dedication & commitment to the business tasks at hand. He takes his work very seriously & is completely unflappable is a crisis. There are few people on this planet I would trust with my business. I trust Mark.

Ilana Eberson


Marketing & Business Development

Dr Mark Yates is highly skilled in international business networking & business development. His experience spans a broad range of professional industries & disciplines. If you're looking for a business health check or looking to expand your network, he's the expert you should connect with. He provides his customers & clients with the benefits of his knowledge & access to his valuable business connections via his global LinkedIn Speaker presentations.