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FBI Consultancy Specialise In Fusing ‘Old School’ Marketing With ‘New School’ LinkedIn Business Growth Consultancy Strategies. This Helps Mainstream & Niche Sector Businesses Achieve Accelerated Profitable Business Growth. Just Reserve Your FBI Consultation.
Our LinkedIn Consultancy service revolves around the provision of expert business growth strategies, specialising in LinkedIn. We help businesses grow towards profitability and sustainability, helping clients from all sectors leverage LinkedIn for long-term business growth. We manage business social media, generate leads, and provide an expert LinkedIn Speaker Service.
We Are A Professional Business Growth Consultancy

Professional Business Growth Consultancy

At FBI Consultancy, we understand how to leverage the endless amount of new business opportunities and new complementary revenue streams, which many business owners miss. These are typically missed because the business owners are either too busy working in their business, or because they just don’t know how to gain any commercial benefit from a Business Social Media platform like LinkedIn.

All of our FBI Consultancy staff have received several years of mission specific LinkedIn training on business growth consultancy.

By mastering and specialising in LinkedIn, we help business owners achieve increased profitability and sustainability. We help and support business clients from all sectors to leverage LinkedIn for long-term business growth.

And the beauty of our professional service is that it is 100% managed by our world-class in-house LinkedIn experts. In a nutshell, we manage all business social media and we integrate it into your business growth plans.

LinkedIn Consultancy & Lead Generation
Best LinkedIn Business Growth Consultant UK 2015 & 2016
What many business owners fail to realise is how much of a powerful sales, marketing and branding asset business social media is for companies seeking new profitable growth.As a business growth consultancy, the service our Linkedin consultant provide to our clients is highly focussed: we develop and fully manage a bespoke strategy regarding a company’s LinkedIn accounts.
Our emphasis is multi-faceted, which includes proactive brand awareness and brand promotion. This generates a higher conversion rate of quality business leads, which can subsequently transition into solid business opportunities and new complementary revenue streams.
No other company is more skilled in B2B lead generation through LinkedIn than FBI Consultancy. We help companies generate new business leads, grow referrals, increase sales, promote business visibility, pinpoint new opportunities, identify fresh revenue streams, professionalise businesses and staff members’ online presence, promote brand awareness, reduce recruitment costs and increase communications to customers and clients.
One of our senior managers at FBI Consultancy has extensive experience in business lead generation, having managed off-shore call centres for over a decade. Businesses can tap into this added value asset to help achieve pre-set targets required to help build a dynamic, new client portfolio.

Expert LinkedIn Speaker

Our CEO is often retained by international clients to provide his LinkedIn Speaker Business Growth expertise as the lead speaker in their global business and corporate events. It’s amazing how much business growth motivation he delivers in these sessions.Dr. Mark D. Yates is a world-class conference speaker, specializing in motivating people to help businesses grow. He is a professional, independent motivational speaker who will demonstrate how to leverage LinkedIn by providing Linkedin training, inspire your workforce, and help your business drive forward towards success.

Dr. Yates is no ordinary corporate speaker, he hails from a special forces background where he was assigned as team commander on close protection duties for C-Level executives, entrepreneurs, royalty, diplomats and business owners operating in extremely high-security-risk countries.

He is able to draw on these unusual security experiences to deliver dynamic business growth strategies to your company executives, senior management, sales and marketing personnel staff.

It doesn’t matter where you stage your event, Dr. Yates has worked in 44 countries, so global travel is part of his consultancy delivery.For example, it can be an annual international event for 25 global executives in London, or a two-day sales event for 15,000 representatives in Dallas USA. Alternatively, it could be a mission specific business growth event for a select 12 team members in the United Arab Emirates, or a 700 strong CEO-MD conference in Mexico.

Having a LinkedIn expert address your corporate event or sales and team events can literally transform the mindset of your staff and business leaders. This can effectively transform them into successful business growth ambassadors.