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FBI Consultancy Can Provide Your Mainstream, Or Niche Business With A Commercially Astute, Highly-Experienced Interim Director To Help Accelerate Your Profitable Business Growth. We Service All Geographical Locations. Just Reserve Your FBI Consultation.

As part of our business growth consultancy services, Dr. Mark D. Yates is sometimes retained as an Interim Director. By offering this professional service, he is able to make significant positive changes to outdated business models.

His hands-on approach helps to foster any internal resistance to change, which is ultimately the catalyst required to facilitate business growth and increased profit margins. Having provided his consultancy services in 44 countries to multiple businesses in the private and government sectors, Mark is able to bring his vast global skills and experiences to businesses in any sector.

When retained as an Interim Managing Director, Mark thrives when presented with complex business projects. In the past, these complex projects have provided Mark with invaluable professional development experience. He is particularly adept at challenging the current status quo in businesses and is equally comfortable challenging board directors and senior executives to ensure they perform to the very best of their collective business ability.

Challenging does not mean dominating. Mark is very much a team player and his modus operandi is to ensure the success of the team and every business project they are collaborating on. He is recognized as being a high level concise communicator which is important when striving for project success.

His entire ethos is structured around delivering maximum impact to projects that most other consultants consider too difficult to manage. Historically, Mark has been retained by many clients because he is able to both develop and then meticulously manage these complex assignments.

Mark always brings a dynamic new perspective into the businesses he works in. He is a recognized visionary leader, security expert, business speaker, so for him, it’s all about increasing efficiency and organizational effectiveness, identifying problems and leading the implementation of the business growth strategies.

Rather than taking on a conventional advisory interim director’s role, Mark takes full responsibility and accountability for managing all elements of your business growth projects. This provides business owners with a reassuring peace of mind, knowing that their growth plans and their relevant team members are being managed by a safe pair of hands.

The Interim Managing Director service we provide at Fast-Track Business International Consultancy adds value to any company in any sector.