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At FBI Consultancy We’ve Developed Our Unique Business Growth Support Consultancy Service For Global Mainstream & Niche Sector Businesses. It’s Specifically Designed To Accelerate Your Profitable Business Growth By Leveraging Our Expertise. Just Reserve Your FBI Consultation.


Primary reason for retaining our business growth consultancy:This Investment Consortium works closely with the University to offer financial investment to degree graduates who have developed or identified a new business product or service which has the potential to be commercialised.

The University had a shareholding in a new law enforcement-security software product which had the potential to be rolled out to a global customer and consumer base. The University required a business growth expert who had global security, law enforcement and military expertise and an extensive network of sector-specific connections. Their retainer brief also called for this specialist to be highly experienced in business social media, networking with a heavy emphasis on leveraging LinkedIn for global sales and for identifying potential distributors and strategic business alliances.

Dr. Yates had to travel into Amsterdam, Montreal, New York, Dallas and Atlanta to conduct due diligence, competitor analysis and to identify new commercial customers before returning to the UK to brief the business growth team.

The Investment Consortium and the University wanted a 3 to 5-year exit strategy building into the business growth strategy.

Prior reasons to retaining our activity:

The Investment Consortium and the University had a niche product/service which they were really struggling to commercialise, despite it having huge global sales potential. They had no understanding of the scope for bolting on the required training and for licencing the product on an annual paid basis.

The Fast-Track Business International CEO developed an initial LinkedIn consultancy feasibility study, followed by a proof of concept business growth consultancy service.

End Result:

A massive prospective consumer base was identified in multiple countries who had to buy this product/service and had to renew their ownership of the product/service on a paid annual basis.

The Investment Consortium and the University were extremely happy with the business growth plan and sales strategies delivered to them. They were so happy, they asked Dr. Yates, our CEO, to provide a similar service for other business ventures they were considering investing in.


Linkedin Growth

Primary reason for retaining our business growth consultancy:

Developing a huge E-commerce sales website selling tens of thousands of plumbing and heating related products and services to homeowners and trade buyers. This generated huge cashflow from daily sales and positioned the business for external investment with a very clear focus on a time limited exit strategy.

Prior reasons to retaining our activity:

This was a new start-up venture which commenced with the Fast-Track Business International CEO developing an initial consultancy feasibility study, followed by a proof of concept business growth consultancy service. None of the business partners had any prior knowledge or experience in online sales, E-commerce marketing or LinkedIn business social media.

End Result:

This business was positioned to not only take on other long-term established PLC competitors, but to surpass their online trading activities.

The company achieved exponential sales and highly profitable business growth from the first day of trading. It quickly became a super successful and highly profitable business by the end of its first year of trading.

After trading successfully for several years, the business received two different external investments and was successfully sold via the pre-planned exit strategy developed by the FBI CEO, Dr. Yates, to a major PLC competitor.


This client is a dynamic and progressive law firm with a large team of solicitors, lawyers and legal support staff. They retained Dr. Yates because they wanted an independent LinkedIn consultancy business growth service to aid them in leveraging LinkedIn to facilitate their business growth via a new client acquisition strategy.

Primary reason for retaining our business growth consultancy:

This multiple service provision, award-winning legal client was on a fast growth trajectory. They already utilised several different outsourced PR, branding, offline marketing, website and communications consultancy agencies. However, they were very specific about retaining Dr. Yates’ expertise to leverage LinkedIn business social media to increase their visibility, raise their brand awareness, and proactively communicate with their client-customer database. They were also interested in professionalising their online presence and wanted their staff members’ social media profiles to meet all of the legal service regulatory compliance issues.

They had a specific requirement to be connected to precise business decision makers who had the need for the legal services provided by this client. So targeted lead generation was included in the business growth strategy for them. The client had a large number of staff LinkedIn profiles they needed to create, as well as a requirement for their own legal services business social media pages. They did not have the time to manage all of their team’s profiles internally.

Dr. Yates’ independent LinkedIn consultancy provided a fully managed business growth service for this client and provided support and advice for their other outsourced consultancy agencies.

Prior reasons to retaining our activity:

The majority of the client’s team were not on LinkedIn beforehand, and they had no company page to promote their business or their dynamic brand. This obviously restricted the opportunity to leverage business growth from social media.

Prior to any consultancy work commencing, the Fast-Track Business International CEO provided a full company continuous professional development business growth and LinkedIn Speaker awareness training programme for over 60 members of the legal firm at their prestigious city centre headquarters.

End Result:

The law firm received newly-created and fully managed LinkedIn profiles and company business pages.


This progressive accountancy business was looking for a carefully managed business growth plan, with a heavy focus on new client acquisition and increased visibility to promote their corporate brand awareness.They approached the Fast-Track Business International CEO, Dr. Yates, looking for profitable business growth through the acquisition of new business clients. They were also looking to improve their presence and brand awareness on LinkedIn. They were struggling to identify targeted business growth leads from specific industry specialists who could influence a buying decision for them. They were also struggling to increase their professional service awareness on LinkedIn.

It was identified that LinkedIn was an ideal platform to help them grow their business. However, they had no real time or in-house LinkedIn consultancy skills to improve their overall presence.

Primary reason for retaining our business growth consultancy:

Dr. Yates was retained by this client to provide an effective LinkedIn consultancy and successful business growth strategies, specifically created for this client. This client retained FBI’s CEO for the outstanding LinkedIn consultancy and business growth team to help them improve upon their business growth plan.

Prior reasons to retaining our activity:

This client’s business had grown organically via word-of-mouth referrals about their professional service delivery and excellent customer services. They deployed their senior accountants out to frequent weekly networking events like BNI, etc., which failed to accelerate their business growth and never delivered a measurable return on their investment.

End Result:

The client achieved business promotion, new clients, and business growth that they had aspired to. They received four newly-created staff LinkedIn profiles with in-depth sections and fully utilised SEO. They received targeted business leads with relevant business-related updates and notifications to prospective new clients.

Their overall brand awareness and presence increased on LinkedIn. Relevant newsletters and articles were also posted on LinkedIn in order to improve their business growth and drive clients to their website.


An independent investment advisors company, specialising in providing support and investment advice. They wanted the Fast-Track Business International CEO’s independent LinkedIn consultancy services to aid them in leveraging LinkedIn for their business, in order to attract people needing their support.Primary reason for retaining our business growth consultancy:

They were helped in achieving and maintaining profitable business growth using LinkedIn, and to reach out to a wider audience. The LinkedIn consultancy service helped them to both target very specific potential clients using LinkedIn and spread the word of their services to an audience of business professionals.

Prior reasons to retaining our activity:

This client had no LinkedIn profiles beforehand. Because of this, they had no opportunity to expand their market using LinkedIn. They also had no LinkedIn company business page.

End Result:

With the help of the FBI CEO’s business growth team, the client achieved business promotion and new clients. They were helped finding specific people in their sector by providing them with warm leads to connect with on LinkedIn.


This client provided portable buildings, suitable for use as temporary school, office, and sport buildings. They wanted new streams of business growth and revenue and turned to our CEO’s independent LinkedIn consultancy to help them.Primary reason for retaining our business growth consultancy:

The client was looking to advertise their business online and they were provided with the opportunity to leverage LinkedIn. Since they did not have the time or resources to spend working on their business social media profiles, the LinkedIn Consultancy service was exactly what they needed to expand their business online.

Prior reasons to retaining our activity:

This client was not using LinkedIn beforehand. Because of this, their website did not have very much traffic going to it since they did not promote it on social media. They also did not have a company page.

End Result:

Along with creating and managing their LinkedIn profiles, the client’s business website was promoted using LinkedIn updates. Because of this, the client achieved a sustainable level of business growth.


The following are just a small selection of the previous clients Dr. Yates and his team of experts have worked with. He has
provided his professional knowledge and specialist skills to facilitate profitable, sustainable business growth. You
won’t be just a client, we’ll consider you our partner, so it’s in our best interest to ensure we provide you with
a truly outstanding service delivery backed up by our full support for you.


121 Business Sectors Serviced With Our FBI LinkedIn

Business Growth Consultancy Fully Managed Support

During the last 5 years we have provided our LinkedIn Business Growth Consultancy services

into the following 121 industry sectors, including many ‘niche’ sector businesses.


Accounting | Legal Services | Financial Investment Planning | Banking & Financial | Logistics | Distribution | Information Technology Academic Training | Business Consulting | Telecoms | Marketing & Advertising | Public Relations & Communications | Retail | Construction | Engineering | Fire & Security | Financial Services | Aviation | Corporate Events | Building Maintenance | Credit Control Solutions | Digital Marketing | E-Commerce | Facilities Management Services | Franchise Development | Recruitment | Electronic Manufacturing | Heavy Engineering | Hospital & Health Care | Law Enforcement | Lift Installation & Maintenance | Financial Advisors | Management Consulting | Non-Destructive Testing | Oil & Energy | Packaging & Containers | Fibre Glass Manufacture | Prefabricated Office Buildings | Printing | Real Estate | Specialist Management Consulting | Structural Engineering | Telephone Systems | CCTV | Trade Unions | TV Technology Services | Utilities | Automobile Parts & Servicing | Wastewater Management | Website Optimisation Services | Air Conditioning | Automotive Components | Beauty Treatments | Biomass Boiler | Services | Branded Eyewear | Broadband Services | Building Materials | Business Advisory | Business Events Services | Business Finance Provision | CEO Advisor & Mentoring | Charity Events | Chemicals | Wax Product Manufacture | Components Packaging | Computer & Network Security | Crane & Heavy Lifting Equipment | DC Power Unit Services | Corrosion Resistant Valves | Bespoke Packaging | Eco Home Construction | Education Management | Electrical Transformer Manufacturers | Executive Coaching | Farming & Landowner Financial Services | Film & TV | Food Production | Franchise Strategy Planning | Glass, Ceramics & Concrete | Gym & Exercise Regimes | Health & Wellness | Water Treatment | Diving Equipment Manufactures | Hosted Telephone Systems | I.T. Software | Industrial Bearing Manufactures | Investment Management | Laser Hair Removal | Lift Installation & Maintenance | Management Consulting | Marine - Mechanical & Industrial Engineering | Marine & Industrial Refrigeration | Marine Buoys Manufacture | Marketing Consultancy | Mechanical & Industrial Engineering | Mining | Mobile Communications | Vehicle Motors, Drives, Pumps | Online Competitor Price Tracking | Plastics | Powdered Metallurgy | Professional Training & Coaching | Real Estate | Resin Floorings | Rotational Moulding | Sales & Service Training Services | Security & Investigations | Security Equipment Manufacturer & Installation | Specialist Surface Coatings | Spray Foam Installation | Steel Fabrication | Structural Glazing Manufacture & Installation | Stud Welding Industrial Engineering | Technical Construction Contracting | Telecom Intelligence | Virtual Offices | Waste Water Removal | Water Pump Maintenance | Water Pumps Manufacturing |