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FBI Consultancy Specialise In Trouble Shooting Mainstream & Niche Sector Businesses To Prepare Them For Accelerated Profitable Business Growth. If Your Business Is Experiencing Problems & It Requires Trouble Shooting. Just Reserve Your FBI Consultation.

At FBI consultancy, we offer professional Business Troubleshooting services to companies in need of specialised solutions to complex problems.

Dr. Mark D. Yates is an expert in identifying and solving these issues within companies. This re-enforces his position as a professional Troubleshooter. His skill-sets allow him to resolve most business growth issues including sales, efficiency, organisation, cashflow, and profit.

Many business owners are uncomfortable admitting their business, or a specific project, is in trouble. They often consider it is a bad reflection of their skill-sets or management expertise. When, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. There are many reasons why business and growth projects get into trouble and ultimately fail. Most often it is because of external influences that are beyond the business owners control.

One of the most frequently voiced statements made to our CEO from business owners is, that they wish they had not been embarrassed about their business being in trouble and sought professional consultancy support earlier than they did.

Dr. Mark D. Yates is a highly experienced business and corporate troubleshooter. Many of his clients provide written testimony to his troubleshooting professionalism. One of his clients describes him as the consummate professional who is completely unflappable in any business-related crisis. Mark’s modus operandi is to first listen intently, then explore other people’s perspectives and then gather all the relevant business intelligence pertinent to your business problems and map out the strategy or strategies for fixing the problems.

Most conventional consultants stop at this point and deliver charts and documentation advising the business owner of what needs to be done to move forward. Mark believes this strategy is pre-programmed for failure by virtue of the consultant removing him or herself from the problem rectification stage.

Mark provides an on-going hands-on management approach. He enjoys nothing better than rolling up his sleeves and getting to work on the coal face to fully fix the problem/s.

Occasionally even though Dr. Yates is retained to facilitate accelerated business growth, he has to first troubleshoot the business in order to ensure all of his subsequent business growth strategies deliver profitable results. He considers taking one pace backwards to make two paces forward a beneficial business growth strategy.