FBI Consultancy

Business Growth Consultancy

At FBI We Specialise In Providing Bespoke Business Growth Consultancy Services For Mainstream & Niche Sector Businesses. We Can Help You Grow Your Business & Also Show You How To Save Up To 35% On Your Growth Budget. Just Reserve Your FBI Consultation.

FBI Consultancy exists to help business owners grow profitable businesses.

Once your pain and problem areas get identified, we assign you an experienced business management consultant who identifies workable solutions to position you for sustainable profitable growth.

Once we have identified your pain and problem areas we become extremely proactive in identifying workable solutions to position you for sustainable profitable growth.

It’s important to reiterate that we are not a conventional consultancy group. We are very ‘hands on’ with our service delivery. By partnering with you, or a member/s of your executive management team, we aim to accelerate your profitable growth.

Our primary focus is on helping you build a profitable and long-term sustainable business. Our CEO, Dr. Mark D. Yates, is a globally recognised ‘Award Winning’ industry professional. He has personally worked in 44 countries providing expert consultations to business owners in multiple sectors.

In our experience, no two businesses are the same and every business presents with mission-specific issues. As a renowned business management consultant firm, we’ve identified that the very best way to clearly identify these problems is to roll up our sleeves and work on the coalface of your business.

At FBI Consultancy, we work with businesses to facilitate their growth by providing either an Interim Director, Business Troubleshooting, or our expert LinkedIn Consultancy Service.

As part of our professional business growth service delivery, we provide:

- A fully managed service
- An implementation of new key performance indicators (KPIs) to enable you to gauge a return on your consultancy investment
- Increased sales, targeted business referrals and warm business leads
- Business visibility, brand promotion, proactive client communications
- Connections to targeted key decision-makers
- Identification of new revenue generation streams
- Introduction to complimentary commercial opportunities

We provide far more value than cost.

All our business management consultant services are designed as ‘bespoke’.

Some of our larger ‘corporate’ services are designed for greater numbers of your business personnel. We develop a bespoke pricing structure for these services after attending a consultation with the business owner, partner, director, shareholder or investor.

Once your project brief has been explained to us, we will provide you with a full quotation.