How To Generate Sales Leads The Right Way

generate sales leads

To be successful in business, you need to be able to be successful in lead generation. Leads are people who have potential interest in your products or services. Or if your company is B2B, then it’s another company who has some interest.

Sales leads are very valuable to you and your company because they essentially bring in the money. But how do you generate sales leads the right way?


FBI Consultancy Ltd is a business growth consultancy that specialises in leveraging LinkedIn for businesses. In doing this, companies can gain better online brand visibility as well as generate relevant and money-making sales leads.

Having worked in multiple sectors providing expert LinkedIn consultancy services and business troubleshooting with the CEO acting as an interim director for business clients, FBI Consultancy are known as experts in the business growth field. We know precisely how to generate the best sales leads for businesses.

Here are 6 ways you can generate sales leads the right way.


Identify Your Target Audience

It’s important that when you’re looking for sales leads, you know what you’re looking for. You can’t actually sell to a customer if you don’t know who they are. Research is important to find out job titles, sectors, locations, etc. This really narrows it down for you to target them much better.

When you communicate with a LinkedIn connection with the intention of selling to them, it’s professional to research them and know enough about them. They’ll be convinced you can sell to them instead of coming across as a cold call. Choose and target who you want to sell to. Who you think would benefit from your products or services, and whether you think they’d make a good business relationship.


SEO – or search engine optimisation – is a method for your website, LinkedIn profiles, etc. to appear in the top search rankings. Search engine optimised content is embedded with keywords which you will have researched prior to writing.

When someone searches for a specific word or phrase, it’s more likely you will appear higher up in Google search rankings or LinkedIn search rankings if you have those words and phrases in your content. The higher in the rankings, the more likely someone will find you who wants to buy your products or services.

Be sure not to use too many keywords, as it’ll make your content unreadable and marked as spam.



Blogs are an excellent source of rich content for your website. You can write about anything you want, even moving away from your business sector, as it’s all about content and getting visitors to your page. These visitors can then be turned into leads.

Ask other websites to if you can post on their blog to reach a wider audience.



Referrals can be valuable, as someone who already knows you could vouch for you, which would be quite persuasive for a lead.

FBI Consultancy Ltd pay for referrals to entice connections to recommend us to their own connections. It’s a good way to generate leads, as it’s going through someone you already know. Like a friend of a friend.


Email Newsletter

A newsletter is a great opportunity to make contact with prospective clients. Without being too forceful, a newsletter can be informal while advertising your products and services. There are ways to track what links were clicked on, too, so you can narrow it down further and target your now warm lead.

FBI Consultancy also created a new newsletter recently. If you’d like to receive our newsletter and get expert business growth advice, contact us on


Leverage Business Social Media

FBI Consultancy Ltd specialise in business social media, specifically LinkedIn. Our expertise lies in lead generation for businesses by successfully leveraging LinkedIn.

With our professional LinkedIn Consultancy service, we research a company and their employees, then we write SEO-rich content for their profiles. Following that, we manage their LinkedIn accounts for a 12-month period. The aim is to stay visible online, make new connections, and generate leads on behalf of the client.


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Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, Managing Director of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

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