How To Leverage Your Business Growth Investment On LinkedIn

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Linkedin is like the national lottery, you’ve got to be in it, to win it. However, given four out of every five business owners are in Linkedin, just being in it, is clearly not enough. If you are in it and you are not doing anything to propel your business growth, then you are never going to win it.


So how do you win on LinkedIn?

The answer is simple. If you are the CEO or managing director of your business, then leveraging LinkedIn should be as meticulously planned as you would when investing in any other commodity which offers you the potential for growth. I don’t know of a single savvy investor who doesn’t conduct basic research and due diligence for every investment they make.

As a widely travelled interim director, business troubleshooter and business growth consultant every lucrative business Investment I have ever made, that paid a higher than expected return on my investment, did so because I commenced my research into the background of the company I was investing in. If you are investing in LinkedIn to facilitate long term profitable business growth for your company, then LinkedIn is no different.


So here’s a little basic background information

Linkedin is the world’s largest and most professional B2B platform. It has over 520 million business members world-wide, including over 25 million UK members. Linkedin state 4 out of every 5 business people in the UK are members of their platform.

Given Linkedin is active in over 200 countries you like FBI consultancy would be hard pressed to find a CEO or a managing director who doesn’t have some awareness of the LinkedIn platform.

So, it should come as no surprise that this huge awareness of Linkedin attracted significant interest from some of the world’s largest companies who were interested in buying out LinkedIn.  In June 2016 Microsoft the number 3 tech company in the world acquired Linkedin for $26.2 Billion. This significantly increased the profile, awareness and credibility of Linkedin. In 2018-2019 Microsoft is expected to integrate Linkedin into its Microsoft IT services like Microsoft Office and its Outlook calendar.


Here’s what I’ve identified during the last 5 years as a professional LinkedIn business growth consultant

Everyone and everything required to grow any business, in any global geographical region exists on Linkedin, irrespective of how mainstream or how niche sector your business is.

When you know how to commercialise Linkedin for long term profitable sustainable business growth the following is what you can leverage for your business, or your client’s businesses from Linkedin.

New sales, targeted leads, warm referrals, increased visibility, marketing, brand awareness & promotion, networking & relationship building, public relations, proactive client & customer communications, professionalising your business presence, reducing your recruitment agency costs, preparing your business as Investor and/or exit strategy attractive


Here’s the problem

Despite this huge awareness of Linkedin and the massive acquisition Investment from Microsoft, very few consultants, or coaches are ‘Linkedin business social media’ skilled enough to deliver all the business growth benefits available from leveraging Linkedin.

In real terms this means no one is really generating the high income levels waiting to be plucked from offering an independent Linkedin business growth service to business owners.


The Solution

I believe there’s a HUGE opportunity for a group of like-minded global business growth consultants to ride the wave of Linkedin business social media. It’s crying out to be scaled up. If you are interested then contact me to discuss this opportunity.


Here’s what I think is going to happen to conventional business growth consultancy during the next 10 years

First mover established business social media platforms like Linkedin are going to dominate. We will see a massive shake up in niche sector agencies specialising in one specific service, i.e. Marketing or Branding, Communications, data brokers and recruitment etc.

New agencies will be formed to offer all of these services from the one agency. They will do this because everyone and everything needed to grow a business exists on Linkedin. More importantly Linkedin is one of the only current business social media platforms geared up to offer multiple business growth services from its platform.


A Question For You About Linkedin Business Growth Consultancy Investment

Irrespective of whether you are a Business Owner, Director, C-Level Executive, Investor, Entrepreneur or a Management Business Advisor, are you investing enough time, effort and energy into ensuring you get the most bang for your buck on LinkedIn?

As the CEO of FBI consultancy my experience of providing Linkedin consultancy services in 44 countries informs me that most senior business executives are failing to leverage and/or commercialise LinkedIn. The primary reasons appear to be twofold.

First, most senior executives like the managing directors and the interim directors who receive business trouble shooter advice have little if any awareness of business social media. Many of the executives I speak to have informed me they have consciously steered away from LinkedIn because they believed it was another B2C variant of Facebook and Twitter.

In reality nothing is further from the truth. So if you want to know more about how you and your business can leverage LinkedIn then contact me at: Dr Mark D Yates CEO at FBI consultancy.

Dr. Mark D. Yates, Managing Director of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

Dr. Mark D. Yates

I am one of the world’s most connected business growth consultants & a globally recognised ‘Award Winning’ LinkedIn specialist business growth consultant.

I work with clients who need help & support to fuse their ‘old school’ business growth concepts with ‘new school’ digital and social media sales & marketing strategies to accelerate profitable business growth.

From my UK HQ, I have provided my business growth consultancy services to clients in 45 Countries.

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