What Customer Service Says About You and Your Business

Customer Service

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Customer service is important in almost every business. This is because it’s the point in which the company interacts with the customer. And they’d want the customer to be happy with them in order for the customer to buy from them.I’ve worked in customer-facing roles in the past, and I’ve learnt that a customer mainly just wants an answer to their question. However, sometimes the customer doesn’t even know the question yet. So, it’s up to the person behind the till to listen.

In my current role as the Lead Writer at FBI Consultancy Ltd, I work with Dr. Mark D. Yates when seeing to our clients. I meet them during the initial consultation and I stay in contact, via email or in person, to keep our relationship with the customer strong. I’m there as a friendly point of contact to answer any queries they may have, as a representative personal front to the business.

Customer Service Says What You Tell It To Say

Customer service is essentially the voice of the company. Or the face of the business. Whatever anyone from your business says to a client will reflect on your business. It’s all about how you aim to have your staff speak to your clients.

Every company’s brand should reflect well in the eyes of their customers. So, it’s down to the business owner, CEO, or even Marketing Director/Manager to put in place a method of how client/customer interactions are made. A lot of companies prefer to be very friendly and polite, others prefer to get stuck in with technical issues, but almost always it’s about solving problems and communicating.

Much like business troubleshooting, good customer service can find out any issues and make sure they’re resolved efficiently.


Social Media and Customer Service

These days, social media platforms are widely used by the general population. This has caused a lot of direct communication between companies and customers. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter give people the opportunity to post messages about a company for all to see, and a company can get involved in these forums. So, it’s important to show you care and are trying to make the customer happy, as their complaints and your customer service are not only seen by everyone, but also recorded.

LinkedIn is an excellent business social media platform. It’s one of the largest online B2B networks in the world. Here, businesses can keep the tone set on business-like and professional, yet still informal and conversational.

FBI Consultancy Ltd offer a LinkedIn consultancy service, which helps businesses with their social media management, while generating leads. We post good quality content on their behalf, which ensure better brand awareness and visibility.

The main thing is to be helpful and positive. Good customer service says you are good at what you do and you care about your customers. Get this right, and your customers will keep coming back to you, rather than to your competitors.

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Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

Dr Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is the CEO of FBI consultancy which provides a professionally managed business growth service for global business owners, Investors, entrepreneurs & C-Level executives. If you need to retain a dynamic managing director, interim director, business trouble shooter, business growth consultant, or his proven LinkedIn consultancy, contact Dr. Mark D. Yates at: Tel: UK 0151 647 1716. E: mark@fbiconsultancy.com W: www.fbiconsultancy.com

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