5 Ways Your LinkedIn Connections Can Benefit You

LinkedIn Connections

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You can get connections from a variety of places, but social media is prime these days in securing strong business connections. There is Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but the best platform for acquiring connections is LinkedIn.There are many benefits from having many strong business connections. Here are 5 ways your LinkedIn connections can benefit you.


Networking Capabilities

You LinkedIn connections are great for networking. In business, many people find new opportunities through meeting new people. They could go to business events or meet people during business trips. But in 21st Century, as social media platforms have grown massively, it’s ideal to network online.

Using your LinkedIn connections, you can find new people who may be interested in the services you have on offer. They could recommend you to a friend, they could be that million-pound contract. Who knows? The best way to make that money is to network and meet people online with your sought-after LinkedIn connections.



Having good LinkedIn connections is good for recommendations too. These are good for finding out new business opportunities through the people you’re connected with. So, if you’re connected to someone highly successful, is a good businessperson, but there’s no business between you, they could recommend you to someone they know. Sometimes it’s who you know in business that leads to success.


Lead Generation

One of the main benefits of having LinkedIn connections is good lead generation. FBI Consultancy’s LinkedIn consultancy service focusses on generating warm leads for businesses, contacting certain business owners, managing directors, and CEOs on behalf of our clients. This is an excellent first step in producing good, profitable business.

Generating a higher conversion rate of quality business leads can turn into business opportunities. LinkedIn is an exceptional tool for leveraging connections to profitable business.


Helps Boost Views

The more connections you have on LinkedIn, the likely you’ll be noticed. It’s like a popularity contest sometimes. If you have 500 connections and you post a professionally-written blog, there’s a good chance it’ll get liked and shared and then spread across the social media platform. If you only a have, say, 20 connections, it’ll still get likes and shares, but there’s less of a chance of it spreading and getting you noticed.


Business Advice

Your LinkedIn connections are an excellent source of business advice. No matter how successful you are or how much of an expert you may be, you can still take on board advice from other professional businesspeople.

Business advice shouldn’t be seen as patronising, but neither should it be dismissed so readily. It’s just there to help. It comes from other people’s experiences which you may not have experienced, which is what makes it so valuable. Having plenty of LinkedIn connections with a variety of professionals and experts increases the amount of advice you could receive. This kind of advice hold value in the business world, as at times, it can be highly sought after. It is a piece of knowledge a lot of people would love to have.


These aren’t exhaustive, but are some strong benefits of having plenty of LinkedIn connections. The maximum LinkedIn connections you can have is 30,000. Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO and managing director of FBI Consultancy Ltd, has that maximum 30,000 connections, making him a LinkedIn expert and one of the most professional business growth consultant in his field.

For an expert management consultant, motivational business speaker, interim director, business development director, or expert LinkedIn consultant, Dr. Mark D. Yates can help. Contact FBI Consultancy Ltd on 0151 647 1716 or email info@fbiconsultancy.com

Michael Holloway

Lead Writer

Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd.



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