6 Ways University Students Can Benefit from LinkedIn

There are 39 million students and graduates on LinkedIn.[1] This is a great potential for companies to find potential employees as recent graduates are just beginning to build their first professional network.


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FBI Consultancy Ltd’s LinkedIn Consultancy service is all about proactive brand promotion and lead generation. Our LinkedIn experts are key in helping companies grow and become much more visible in the professional, corporate world, in order to essentially grow and gain a profit. LinkedIn also reduces recruitment costs because, with a professional-looking LinkedIn profile and business page, a business can hire the most skilled graduate through LinkedIn with ease.

These are six ways university students can benefit from LinkedIn.


Take Your First Step into the Professional World

The professional world is somewhere completely different from the university world. There is a seriousness about it, where business people are there to meet other people and make money. These are people who have built a business and have the expert abilities to grow it into a profitable company.

LinkedIn is the key for university students taking this first step into the professional world, where they can connect with other professionals and build their own profile to showcase, not just themselves, but their skills and abilities as well.


See What Other Graduates Are Doing

Social media is all about connecting with people, staying in touch with friends, posting photos to families. Because LinkedIn is business-focussed, connecting with others will have a point to it. To find opportunities and like-minded professionals.

But graduates can use it to their advantage by comparing the skills of others with their own, in order to see where they can improve. If other graduates have managed early success, students looking for work can connect with them and ask questions to find out how they have achieved what they have.


Get Job Notifications

LinkedIn is a powerful job-hunting tool. Almost everyone at the time of their graduation will be looking for work, but unfortunately the competition will be high. As a result, many will be going after the same position.

To stay ahead of the curve, LinkedIn allows graduates and even professionals to receive job notifications from companies as soon as a vacancy becomes available. This is happening more and more, as FBI Consultancy work with businesses to help reduce recruitment costs, allowing them to post jobs on LinkedIn often.

Graduates can also contact potential employers directly and make connections with people who can help them in the industries they want to work in. They can also build up their profile with their experience and qualifications, with it effectively acting as an online CV.


Be Headhunted

Instead of graduates looking for a job, it could be the other way around. Companies could be looking for a new employee. With a good, professional-looking LinkedIn profile, graduates can then attract a potential employer.

Similarly, FBI Consultancy Ltd write professional-looking LinkedIn profiles for our clients, which can attract potential clients. Business social media is a good platform where potential employees and employers can connect with each other to begin a professional relationship.


Be Visible

There’s nothing more important in business social media than online visibility. University graduates can benefit from LinkedIn by being more visible online. This helps them be headhunted, but it’s important because in the professional world, being noticed can go a long way.

What FBI consultancy Ltd do is write high-quality content for client’s profiles, with embedded SEO keywords for better search results. A LinkedIn expert can bring greater online visibility anyone. These are very professional-looking profiles that are viewed by the most successful CEOs in the world. Dr. Mark D Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd, is a LinkedIn expert and a LinkedIn consultant


Grow Your First Network

Everyone starts somewhere. Even social media experts. University graduates will be at the very start of their career path. If you are going to take a step into the professional world or even be successfully headhunted with strong visibility, you need to create, build and then grow your first network.

A network is a collection of people you will have some sort of connection with. On LinkedIn, there are 1st level connections (those people you know and are connected directly to you), 2nd level connections (those people connected to your 1st connections, and 3rd level connections (those who are connected to your 2nd level). Dr. Mark D. Yates is a business growth consultant and LinkedIn specialist who has shown successful CEOs from multiple sectors how this works.

LinkedIn is of the best places to do this, as there are approximately 500 million LinkedIn members as of October 2017. That is a staggering number with so many opportunities, especially for young people just entering the job market. These first few connections will eventually grow into a professional business network.

It’s a valuable opportunity for them to get themselves known in the world of work, opening up doors for them into employment.

Michael Holloway

Lead Writer
Written on behalf of Dr. Mark D. Yates, CEO of FBI Consultancy Ltd.

[1] www.linkedin.com/pulse/linkedin-numbers-2017-statistics-meenakshi-chaudhary

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