The Importance of Making Connections and Meeting People

In any industry, you’ll more than likely meet many new faces on a day to day basis. Most people don’t realise how important these meetings can be, an initial connection can lead to many kinds of success.

Making connections and meeting people is a great way build yourself as a brand and allow businesses to grow. As a writer, it’s important I connect with many people in order to establish myself within the creative industry. Twitter is a good tool to use, as I can get hundreds of like-minded people to follow me and essentially know who I am, I can become very visible online where just about anyone can find me.

This is why social media is a fantastic method of making connections, and at Fast-Track Business International (FBI) Consultancy, we do just that. Leveraging LinkedIn, FBI writes and manages these social media accounts for clients, making connections and eventually gaining successful business leads. FBI strive to reach and maintain profitable and sustainable business growth for all their clients.

Making just a small connection can grow into something else entirely. When I submitted a short story to a magazine, I was very happy to see my work in print. However, I noticed a spelling mistake. It wasn’t a big problem, but it just annoyed me because something like that can be easily prevented. I simply commutated back to them that I spotted this mistake in case they could amend it, but they then offered me a spot on their team as their proofreader. If I hadn’t made that connection with them, I wouldn’t have acted as their proofreader and would have missed out on some invaluable experience.

Many people don’t realise how important it is nor see the value in making connections and meeting people, as they just want to get on with their job and do what they do without any unnecessary distractions. Most of the time it won’t lead to much, but meeting just one person could potentially be life-changing. You just don’t know yet. It could lead to a new friendship, relationship, career or business opportunity.

The importance of making connections and meeting people is all about raising your profile and making yourself known to as many people as possible. You don’t know everyone. You don’t automatically know what they can offer you or what you can offer them. The main thing you can do is to make a good impression and get yourself out there, promoting yourself as a brand. I’ve always thought my name is an important aspect to me as a writer. The more content I produce, the more I’ll be known to people. The more people I meet, the more likely I could meet someone who could offer me a great opportunity or someone I could work with to produce something fantastic. If I can potentially build this for myself, by the time my career is ready to succeed to the fullest, I’ll be in a good position to achieve to the best of my abilities. Similarly, this works well with businesses, because as long as a business carries on making good connections, their success will reach the highest point possible.

FBI’s prerogative is managing and maintaining professional LinkedIn profiles for fantastic business social media via expert online visibility and eventually gaining good business leads. What we do is write professional profiles and make your online visibility the best it can be. This is the same logic as meeting people, as social media is the networking of the 21st century. It’s important to make these connections and build on relationships and networks online for businesses to achieve sustainable and profitable business growth.

This is why FBI offers a service provision to optimise online visibility to achieve sustainable business growth. By understanding the importance of making connections, we can help other clients reach that level of visibility and eventually good profitability.

Michael Holloway
Lead Writer

Dr Mark D. Yates

Dr. Mark D. Yates is the CEO of FBI consultancy which provides a professionally managed business growth service for global business owners, Investors, entrepreneurs & C-Level executives. If you need to retain a dynamic managing director, interim director, business trouble shooter, business growth consultant, or his proven LinkedIn consultancy, contact Dr. Mark D. Yates at: Tel: UK 0151 647 1716. E: W:

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