Executive Consultation Appointment Setting Information

What We Require

A professional consultation appointment setting company with their own UK database of businesses, to set up an ‘Executive Consultation’ between our CEO and new prospective Business Owners, C-level Executives, Managing Directors, Investors & Entrepreneurs. The cost of our ‘Executive Consultation’ is £400.


Here's what business director Stuart Goldsmith stated after an 'Executive Consultation' with Dr. Mark D. Yates


Director, Alithea Limited

'Dr. Mark D. Yates is the Rolls Royce model of 'a safe pair of hands'. Within an hour during our very first meeting, Mark gave me an idea which we used to make £237,000.'

This Is What Our ‘Executive Consultation’ Is All About

Our CEO Dr. Mark D. Yates is a proven world-class business growth consultant who has consulted with clients in 44 Countries during the last 25 years. He visits new prospective clients and outlines in-depth precisely how the business owner can grow a profitable long-term sustainable business.

Dr. Yates is a globally recognised high-profile, award winning LinkedIn business growth Consultant. One of only a handful based in the UK. He fuses ‘old school’ business growth strategies with ‘new school’ digital & social media tactics to accelerate profitable business growth for clients.

During his ‘Executive Consultation’ Mark will present the business owner with research about the business owner, his business & his staff members presence on LinkedIn. He will explain about how their competitors are positioned on LinkedIn. He will also outline the current business opportunities the business owner is missing out on from not leveraging LinkedIn. Then he will overview the complimentary new revenue streams that the business owner is not gaining commercial advantage of on LinkedIn.

At the end of the ‘Executive Consultation’ Mark will tell the business owner and the business staff how to develop and manage LinkedIn to gain commercial success from the world’s largest & most professional business to business platform. Or, alternatively Mark will offer the business owner a fully managed business growth consultancy service delivered over a 12 to 24 month contractual period.

Regions We Are Looking For New ‘Executive Consultation’ Appointments In
Throughout the UK & Ireland.

Ideal New Business Clients
Business Owners, C-level Executives, Managing Directors, Investors & Entrepreneurs

Number Of Appointments Sought
Up to 20 per month through out a 12 month period, then ongoing.

Commencement Date
June 2018

Who We Are
FBI Consultancy is a global consultancy group with its HQ in Merseyside North West UK. We have been providing this LinkedIn business growth consultancy service full-time for clients from over 120 different business sectors during the last 6 years.

Website: www.fbiconsultancy.com
E-mail: info@fbiconsultancy.com
Tel: UK 0151 647 1716

Mark’s Recommendations
98% of business owners who have had an ‘Executive Consultation’ with Mark found it offered considerably more value than cost and would recommend it to other business owners. Mark has 325 written recommendations posted on his LinkedIn Profile written by highly satisfied clients, customers & professional business associates. 

He also has over 15,000 Skills & Expertise Endorsements posted on his LinkedIn profile.

This is what the BBC Dragons Den Dragons said about Mark

BBC Dragons Den Quotation From Peter Jones - Entrepreneur

‘If you Mark D. Yates had pitched to the Dragons today as a top end business consultant then myself and two other Dragons would have invested in you. Given your very credible business background I advise you to build your business consultancy company.’

BBC Dragons Den Quotation From Evan Davis - Dragons Den TV Host

Mark D. Yates you really commanded the full respect of all 5 business Dragons.

BBC Dragons Den Quotation From Theo Paphitis – Entrepreneur

I get it Mark you are the real deal James Bond. It’s no coincidence that all 5 Dragons have advised you to form your own high level consultancy group.

BBC Dragons Den Quotation From Deborah Meaden – Entrepreneur

Mark, you have far more business contacts than we Dragons have. Grow your consultancy business.

BBC Dragons Den Quotation From – BBC Dragons Den Web Site Director

Mark, your business presentation was the most riveting I have ever seen on Dragons Den. You also gave us, the BBC web site production team a ‘master class’ in Internet marketing.

My ‘Executive Consultation’ Service Provision

I am typically retained as a professional LinkedIn business growth consultant for 1 to 8-hour events and on occasion as a combined speaker - trainer for 2 to 7-day events.

I provide my ‘Executive Consultation’ service to clients world-wide and have delivered to 44 Countries.


I am very different to most conventional business growth consultants. I engage, educate, inspire & motivate, during every ‘Executive Consultation’ I deliver. My positive client feedback indicates my consultancy style is extremely memorable which facilitates immediate action from the business attendees.

Who I Do It For?

  • Business owners
  • C-level executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Sales staff
  • Senior & mid-level management
  • Marketing managers
  • Business development specialists
  • 120+ multi sector businesses


  • Government departments
  • TV, press, media & radio stations
  • Law enforcement
  • Military - Special Forces
  • Intelligence agencies
  • Security agencies
  • Trade exhibition events
  • Large business networking events
  • Sports organisations

Background Information

Called The Mafia Buster and the British American Security Expert by the world's press and media. Mark spent over 20 years training, leading and commanding elite Special Forces in 44 Countries. He provided his security services for Royalty, Government, Diplomatic, Military, Law Enforcement and Judiciary clients.

Mark specialised in providing extremely high risk close protection services for C- Level Executives, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Investors conducting business operations in many of the world's most politically hostile and dangerous environments.


Mark Knows 2 Things Inside Out…

1. How to protect and save the lives of his business executive clients
2. How to speak to, motivate & lead staff to protect & grow multi-sector businesses

When Mark presents his speaking engagements, everything revolves around the need to develop formidable leadership and motivational team building to inspire your teams to succeed in extremely tough, complex and challenging business environments.

His presentations are closely aligned to helping business growth teams leverage long term profitable growth from LinkedIn, the world's largest and most professional business to business platform. If you think your sales and marketing teams know how to leverage LinkedIn, then wait until you hear how Mark inspires them to achieve so much more for your business.

About Mark - The Mafia Buster

Mark spent 25 years training, deploying & commanding Special Forces across 4 Continents. He provided his professional consultancy services for Government, Law Enforcement, Military, Intelligence and Security agencies. He specialised as an extremely high-risk close protection team commander for Royalty, Presidential, Diplomatic, Judiciary and extreme high net-worth business owners visiting politically unstable and volatile geographical regions

  • As the Eastern Bloc Mafia consolidated it's strangle hold on the independent states of the former Soviet Union, the KGB retained Mark to train their special forces.
  • When the British Government prosecuted the world's first ever Al-Qaeda terrorist, post 911, their security services and crown prosecution service produced Mark as their prosecution witness.
  • When the Mafia infiltrated the Ukrainian government structures, they retained Mark to train the leadership of their Anti-Mafia task force special forces.
  • When a close protection team commander was required for Queen Elizabeth's royal anniversary gala it was Mark who was retained.
  • When the Mexican Mafia were hijacking precious cargos and executing the drivers, Mark was retained to train the leadership of their special forces.
  • Post 911, CNN's Larry King, MSNBC's Phil Donahue & multiple other major global TV broadcasters competed with each other to Interview Mark first.
  • When the Beltway snipers were terrorising the USA, the world's press, media, FBI & law enforcement turned to Mark for his expert advice.
  • When Georgian terrorists laid siege at the theatre in Moscow, FOX News sought out Mark's expertise.
  • When the Italian Mafia targeted Mercedes Benz, Mark was retained to train their security leaders.
  • When the SKY Discovery Channel wanted to film & broadcast a 60 minute TV documentary about elite close protection Special Forces they retained Mark to lead the documentary.
  • When the Special Operations Group (SOG) in the Middle East required specialist dignitary close protection training for their special force's leaders, they approached Mark.
  • When the Russian Mafia targeted Kazakhstan, their government called in Mark to train their special forces.
  • Based on the above, it should come as no surprise that Mark is no stranger to leading specialist business personnel through some of the world's most dangerous high-risk environments.


About Mark - His Business Background

Dr. Mark D. Yates is an award winning, distinguished global LinkedIn business growth consultant, speaker, trainer, and author. Recognised internationally as the ‘LinkedIn Expert’s Expert’, he has authored 3 books about LinkedIn (‘How to Make Money on LinkedIn’. – ‘How To Get To #1 On LinkedIn’. – ‘LinkedIn The Art Of Business War’.) – Mark also developed & delivers his 1 year globally academically accredited LinkedIn Training programme, (‘LinkedIn SWAT Corporate’) to business sales & marketing teams. He also authored two Special Forces security books: (‘Men In Black Bodyguard Training’. – ‘A Deadly Occupation’.) 5 major TV documentaries, including a 1-hour SKY Discovery Channel documentary have been filmed & broadcast about Mark’s consultancy work in some of the 44 Countries he operates in. Mark holds a Doctorate in professional business studies & 3 other University degrees. He specialises in and is passionate about helping business owners and their support personnel grow profitable business from leveraging & monetising LinkedIn.

Speaker Testimonial Feedback


Director, Alithea Limited

Dr. Mark D. Yates is the Rolls Royce model of 'a safe pair of hands'. Within an hour during our very first meeting, Mark gave me an idea which we used to make £237,000. During the last 15 years I've witnessed his total dedication & commitment to the business tasks at hand. He takes his work very seriously & is completely unflappable is a crisis. There are few people on this planet I would trust with my business. I trust Mark.


Marketing & Business Development

Dr Mark Yates is highly skilled in international business networking & business development. His experience spans a broad range of professional industries & disciplines. If you're looking for a business health check or looking to expand your network, he's the expert you should connect with. He provides his customers & clients with the benefits of his knowledge & access to his valuable business connections via his global LinkedIn Speaker presentations.

  • “Mark effortlessly inspires trust, confidence and potentiality.”
  • “Mark is simply the most skilled & reliable professional business speaker I have ever worked with.”
  • “Mark is an absolute professional business speaker and connector.”
  • “Dr. Mark Yates is an incredible entrepreneurial speaker with staggering business networking abilities.”
  • “There’s a compelling reason why Mark is considered the Donald Trump of professional business speaking and networking.”
  • “You will not a find a better business speaker or networker on the planet than Dr. Mark D. Yates.”
  • “The term "expert" is not strong enough to describe Mark’s professional speaking and business networking prowess.”
  • “Mark has reached the stratosphere of LinkedIn business relationships.”
  • “Mark is one of the top LinkedIn business speakers & power networkers.”
  • “For 18 years I have marvelled at Mark’s unique ability for delivering leadership speaking and in forming powerful & productive networking groups.”
  • “When it comes to business leadership speaking and global networking there are few people as experienced & as successful as Dr. Mark Yates.”
  • “Dr. Yates has some of the most advanced business speaking and networking skills imaginable.”
  • “Dr. Mark D. Yates is an extraordinary business speaker/networker of the highest calibre.”


  • “Mark is simply the most skilled experienced and reliable business speaker professional with whom I have ever had the privilege of working.” Jason M Fish. Medical Doctor.
  • “I have known Dr. Mark Yates for 18 years and have marvelled at his unique ability of both business leadership speaking & forming powerful & productive networking groups & organizations.” Norman E. Jennings Former Commissioner of Public Safety and Police Commissioner.
  • “Mark has an infectious enthusiasm and an ability to listen really well. He has a very agile mind that is able to take on different perspectives. But the most important thing about Mark is this - he's a really nice guy to work with.” Rashesh Joshi Accountant & Co Founder And Director, Alexander Rosse
  • “I have known and been associated with Dr. Yates for over 15 years, and have the utmost faith in his abilities. His networking prowess and business motivational speaker skills are second to none, and his networking connections provide positive results.” David E. Miller Aviation Technician”
  • “In my dealings with Mark, I have always found him to be not only a highly knowledgeable expert professional in his official capacities, but also a highly skilled and well-connected business growth specialist. He is also a very personable and genuine fellow, who is keen to help good, honest, hard-working people succeed. Engaging his services offers a very good return on investment for any business serious about growth.” Murray Ambler-Shattock, IT Consultant & Service Provider.


8 Reason Why You Should Book Me?

  • I’m unique & very different to all other business growth consultants
  • I provide more value than cost & you’ll gain a return on your ‘Executive Consultation’ investment
  • I’m highly motivated to help you grow your business
  • I’m business relevant & a dynamic employee motivator
  • Fascinating background history
  • The BBC Dragons Den called me the ‘Real Deal’ James Bond
  • Experienced business growth consultant in 44 Countries
  • International credibility established through global media outlets

This is the telephone script our telesales reps have used in the past

Telesales £400 Executive Consultation Appointment Making Script FBI Consultancy May 2018


Good Morning /Afternoon. My name is ........ I’m the Executive Assistant to Dr. Mark D. Yates the UK’s leading business growth specialist.

Mark works closely with business owners, directors and Investors to capitalise on the huge number of new business opportunities that most business owners are missing out on through LinkedIn.

Are you aware of LinkedIn?... Have you even considered using LinkedIn to grow your business?... Or to identify new opportunities and new revenue streams.

Given 4 out of every 5 business people in the UK are on LinkedIn, have your staff ever achieved commercial success or generated revenue for your business from LinkedIn?

My role Mr./Mrs. ........ is to contact senior executives like you and arrange a professional ‘Executive Consultation’ with Mark.

Mark is a global business growth specialist, who is recognised as the number one Linkedin expert. He has consulted with business owner clients from 120 different business sectors in 44 countries and he holds a Business Doctorate.

He will explain precisely how your business can commercialise and leverage LinkedIn for new SALES, LEADS, REFERRALS, NEW REVENUE STREAMS, FRESH OPPORTUNITIES, BRAND AWARENESS CLIENT COMMUNICATIONS and numerous other business growth opportunities.

I’d like to arrange your ‘Executive Consultation’ with Dr. Yates. Mark is a very easy going, non-hard sell specialist who doesn’t use pushy tactics. He will simply chat to you and overview how he can help you grow your business by leveraging LinkedIn. He will also disclose the research his business associates have conducted about you and your business in order to understand how to help you grow.

The cost of this business growth consultation is just £400……….. 98% of business owners who have attended an ‘Executive Consultation’ with Dr. Yates stated their consultation provided far more value than cost and they would recommend Mark to other business owners.

This could well be the very best, low-cost business growth Investment, you’ll ever make.

I have two slots available this week and next week. Just give me a day and time when you are available.

Once you’ve locked down the appointment mention this: To ensure you gain maximum advantage from your consultation with Mark I just need explore a few quick points with you.
1. How many staff do you currently employ?

2. Do you have on-site parking? Do we have to reserve it?

3. What's the full name & Contact info for your main business competitor?

4. Finally. This ‘Executive Consultation’ is for senior business executives only. Feel free to bring in any fellow directors. But it is not for your marketing managers. Mark will explain why during your consultation.

Thank you. Your E-mail diary invite is on the way to you. Just click ‘confirm’ for me please.