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Our Highly Experienced FBI Business Growth Professionals Support Global Clients From 112 Different Industry Sectors. We Leverage Our Collective Expertise To Facilitate Your Profitable Business Growth. Just Reserve Your FBI Consultation.


Dr. Mark D. Yates


Everything begins with you contacting us to arrange a one-hour business growth consultation with our CEO Dr. Mark D. Yates. This is an executive level consultation for your Managing Director, Business Owner, and/or any related Business Director or Investment Partners. This consultation is usually conducted at your business premises. However, if you have confidentiality issues, we can meet at an alternative location. You will not be disappointed with our consultation. Dr. Mark D. Yates, our CEO, maintains a 100% record for providing professional consultations. This is based on the critique sheet feedback we’ve received from our client consultations.


Prior to confirming your executive consultation, our business growth team conduct some initial research to prepare Dr. Yates for your consultation. We look to identify whether you and your staff are best placed to leverage new business opportunities and new complimentary business revenue streams. Quite often you and your staff are too close to your business and sometimes too emotionally connected to your existing business model to capitalise on other profitable commercial opportunities. If we identify your business is failing to exploit any emerging opportunities from business social media, then we simply scope out how we can leverage this for your specific business.


During your executive business growth consultation Mark will present you with a non-hard sell overview of our service provision. He will ask a few questions, make a few notes and then overview precisely how we can help you. He will then provide you with an overview of our consultancy service provision and fees. Hopefully once you’ve identified the real added value benefits of what we do, then we’ll do business together. If you don’t, Mark will leave, and if you wish we will never bother you again. Incidentally we’ve never had anyone who attended a consultation with Mark ask to be removed from future communications from us.