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As A Global Business Growth Consultancy We Specialise In Helping Our Multi-Sector Business Owner Clients, Grow Profitable Long-Term Sustainable Businesses. We Can Help Your Business Too. Just Reserve Your FBI Consultation.

Do You Need Executive or Management Support ?

Welcome to Fast-Track Business International Consultancy, we are a business growth consultancy. Being one of the leading management consulting firms, we help and support business owners, CEOs, and directors to grow their businesses.
We’ve worked in over 50 countries for a diverse selection of clients both in the private and public sectors.
We are very different from most consultancy groups. Our CEO structured our business model so that we provide our consultancy from a hands-on perspective.
This means we actually work in your business with you and your management team, so you can focus on working on your business.
Our business growth expertise dictates that we are able to parachute into most businesses, irrespective of what your annual turnover is, and make significant increases in your efficiencies which helps us reverse profit shrinkage in your business.

Facilitating profitable growth
for your business


Retain an Interim Director
to help facilitate change


Expert solutions to complex business problems

Leveraging LinkedIn for profitable business growth
It doesn’t matter how niche or how mainstream your business is, or where it is geographically located, if you are looking to grow your business or expand into complementary markets, then you will benefit from our collective 80 years of experience.


Being one of the most trusted management consulting firms, we provide the specialized services for helping businesses that have reached the financial tipping point and are struggling to maintain profitability and growth.


We blend old-school business growth with new business social media accelerated growth strategies to ensure your business is firmly positioned for long-term sustainable profitable growth.


Many business owners are failing to leverage business social media like LinkedIn, simply because they don’t know how to utilise it to grow their businesses. Our FBI Consultancy is supported by several full-time employed LinkedIn Experts.


Our business growth model is simple. We recognize that no one is likely to understand your business better than you. But most business owners occupy a lonely position, especially if you operate without a board of directors.


Most business owners just need a little professional help, support and mentoring from one of the best management consulting firms to achieve their business growth goals.


That’s where retaining the FBI Consultancy specialists can provide far more added value than you might realise.


Our FBI Consultancy has also been structured around identifying business problems and providing workable solutions to save you money while increasing sales.


We have yet to find any two businesses that face the exact same problems, even when the businesses are in the same sector. Our experience allows us to rationalise all of the constant moving parts that make up your own business model and then provide the solutions required to achieve long term sustainable growth.